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    hello everyone,

    I have experience in RAPID language, in rarely moments, I needed to avoid singularity or using CONF(J/L)\ON or moving one axis by instruction, like move an axis 15° degrees.

    I search for similar function on Inform Language (i'm using YRC1000), and didn't find anything similar.

    My question is:

    Is there possible to Avoid singularity with MOTOMAN like ABB robot? (without move to another coordinate)

    In Ladder Program, Edit > Search Relay No., I find #30030 relay, in user ladder.

    I'm sure the robot controller ladder program wasn't changed, Its just me programming the robot, and is the first time that I'm using ladder program fuction.

    I need to use CUBE 5 (#50058), because are others fours importants/securiry areas to monitoring.

    About the CUBE 1 and 2, I dind't know about that, will be healpfull

    Hello everyone,

    I'm working on my project, where 2 robot could be share the same working area, for now, using Motosim to simulate with (YRC1000)

    I'd like to use a status signal (#50084) from CUBIC INTERFERENCE to phisical output, maybe like (#30030), I hope this will correct, I'm not by side robot, yet.

    Below, the lines i wrote on the User ladder section:

    0067 0032 STR #50084

    0068 OUT #30030

    in the first moment, I noticed there are duplicate relay (like error message), but i didn't find this relay on user lader or system ladder.

    Just to test, I could compile a code like this:

    0067 0032 STR #50084

    0068 OUT #05122

    And works with only the last addresses, I tried with #05000 and doens't work.

    I've tried some addresses like 0XXXX, 3XXXX, 4XXXX, where I found in some threads.

    I also tried use "MOV" fuction, to copy/move a status to another address, but isn't work too.

    I read on manuals that we have acess to security signals. Is it possible to use theses signals (cubic interference) in an external way?


    I am pretty new with Motoman, I'm using YRC1000 controller, and I have experience with Kuka and ABB.
    So, I looked for in foruns, on yaskawa manuals, but I didn't find how to show/display the position variables on pendant.

    I made a simples code of pick and place with robot, I insert moveJ, moveL, as the manual suggest (and works fine), but I dont find my variable position or their don't show up to me, like ACC, DEC, SPEED, LVL POS (these sets I can enable or disable anytime).


    my code:

    MOVL V=1500 PL=1 ACC=100 DEC=100

    DOUT OT#(1) ON

    MOVJ VJ=100 PL=1 ACC=100 DEC=100

    and I saw other code on robot forum, or in yaskawa manuals like this:

    MOVL P001 V=1500 PL=1 ACC=100 DEC=100

    DOUT OT#(1) ON

    MOVJ P002 VJ=100 PL=1 ACC=100 DEC=100

    How to use these positions variables?:(

    I miss RAPID language from ABB, its so easy ^^