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    Your probably using a paint robot. The paint robots go through an air purge cycle to evacuate the internal chambers of the robot arm. This is what helps make your robot "explosion proof.

    Servo power can NOT be applied until the robot has been purged.

    The timers should NOT be adjusted as they are set by the factory to allow proper purge time.


    Did you ever see the need for a force sensor?

    I have all this equipment setup in my lab. I drilled a ton of holes today. Some of my co-workers feel the need to use a force sensor to control the force applied at the initial "pierceing" of the metal.

    I don't really agree that it is needed. It also costs around $8000 and introduces a layer of complexity that i'm trying to minimize

    Hi Guys,

    I'm looking at drilling into aluminum with a push corp motor mounted on the 6th axis of my robot arm. I'm also using an ATI force sensor to monitor the forces being applied on the z axis.

    Has anyone ever tried such applications? What were your results? How did you approach this??

    -> Search for material surface ?
    -> Begin initial drilling operation (pierce)
    -> Move to bottom of drilling operation (thru hole)


    I'm working on an application involving the drilling and tapping of holes. The spindle motor is mounted on the 6th axis of the arm. I'm wondering if anyone has done this before and could share their thoughts on such applications.

    Currently in the lab I've outfitted the arm with a force sensor from ATI. My working idea is that I'd use the force sensor to maintain consistent force while drilling the hole. Any input is appreciated.


    NX, DX, XRC are all the same. It's the username that is different...

    XRC username = xrcmaster
    NX username = nxmaster
    DX username = rcmaster

    password is always your management mode password (99999999)

    for example, from command promt
    > ftp open
    > username = rcmaster
    > password = 99999999
    > ls (ls = command to list all jbi's
    > ls.prm ( = list all paramters)


    If you have sofwater such as FileZilla or CuteFTP you can use that to backup data from your robot

    Haas makes a "robot ready interface". From my experience, Haas was not good in supporting it. Calling their tech support was pointless as no one had any understanding of what exactly the interface did.

    I eventually did track down a diagram from them that helped. I might be able to dig it up.

    75xxx relays (75002 and 75612) are user programmable relays (auxiliary) so that means you really won't find them in any manual. Basically that rung means you can call the master job from 2 places... I'm guessing either from a physical hard wire input or probably via a PLC.

    What you could do is add another OR condition to this logic. You would have to create a new rung that fires a one shot rising input when you switch modes. This condition would then call your master job (40070)

    I'm assuming DX controller ...
    50053 = teach mode selected
    50054 = play mode selected


    Hello Forum Members,

    I have opportunity to provide feedback to Yaskawa on some features that I would like to see developed into the robot controller. I thought it would be interesting to see what others might want as well.

    Please share your thoughts, I can promise you that I will forward them along.


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