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    Hi and thank you for your answer,

    An estop will stop the task.

    in this case, the estop didn't stop the task.
    The only way it stopped that task was using the TP3, and put it in T1 and then in test mode. (i found that information in the Epson manual)

    To prevent this in the future, instead of running that task as a background task, i changed it to a normal task.

    Now it can connect with no problems of tasks running.

    Hope this helps anyone with the same problem

    Hello everybody,

    I'm having an issue regarding an EPSON T3 (and also T6) that i would like some help:

    I'm trying to edit a program in a running robot, and when i connect to it, i got a pop-up with the following message:
    "The controller is running tasks for the current PC project.
    Would you like to monitor operation? YES / NO"

    i thing i know what it means, since i can open the program from the controller:
    I thing that the task 65 is running (bgmain), and i can not get access because of that.

    But i can´t find a way to stop it, to edit the program.

    This machine also has a T6 running in it, and i got the same problem.

    I really need to edit the program, because of an hardware change, (gripper) the robot is colliding with the parts to pick/place.

    This may be a newbie question, but i appreciate all the help, please.

    Thanks in advance

    Hi all,

    first post here, and new to KUKA world. :)

    Recently i started to work with a KR C5 Micro as well, and that same situation happened.
    With the same setup as n0909, Port XF6 does not seem to establish any communication too, only with XF5.

    Meanwhile, found this in the manual: KLI interfaces


    The KLI interfaces are equivalent. The interfaces can be used to connect

    OT networks or IT networks. The following connections are possible:

    • KLI 1: Interface to the PLC (e.g. Profinet with ProfiSafe or EtherNet/IP

    with CIP Safety)

    • KLI 2: Interface to the terminal (e.g. Profinet or Ethernet/IP)

    Hope it helps