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    Thank you very much! I can't imagine there being a lot of swinging as the parts are quite heavy, will be hung by solid rods (preferably metal) and the spray paint won't be too powerful. Universal Robot has compatible QR scanners on their website, and as far as I am aware they seem to be connected with Ethernet/IP. Sensors will be connected through I/O and so will a relay for controlling the conveyor. The idea is to keep it pretty simple.

    Hi, I'm working on a solution where I will be using a UR cobot to spray paint some metal components, and I'm wondering if the software (Polyscope) has the ability to make it work. I do not have access to a robot and the intended addons at this time, so I thought I'd start by asking here to see if someone can confirm my solution would be possible.

    The plan is for the cobot to have a permanent placement, and an overhead conveyor chain will bring the objects in front of the cobot. An inductive sensor will make sure the component is in front of the robot. I will also use a QR-code scanner to identify the part, with a code hanging above the component. My plan is to place this a short distance before the cobot and make it switch to the correct program/movement pattern ahead of the components' arrival in front.

    So to sum it up:

    1. Conveyor moves

    2. QR-scanner scans the code and tells the cobot which component it is. Cobot switches program (Move1, Move2, Move3 for example)

    3. Sensor determines that the object is in place.

    4. Conveyor stops.

    5. Cobot does its job.

    Will this be possible to do in the UR software?