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    The Mitsubishi RV-2AJ I just got working seems to have a couple of positions not quite correct. I was wondering I I can just adjust a couple of points on the program that I can open and it will be fine or what I have to do to get them corrected. I did not write this program nor have I written one for this robot. Therefore I'm a little leary about doing so. Any thoughts on this?

    SO this robot has not been running or even powered up for about 3 years. My group got a project and part of it is getting the robot going again. We have the program that we know used to work according to video evidence. No we went through and taught the origin position and got the program loaded. Problem is whenver we try and get it running it barely moves and faults out the servo. Is there some sort of range of motion we need to teach the robot too?

    The manuals we have aren't helping at all and I am hoping someone on here can help.

    This is what I'm talking about

    So is this teaching the robot a range of motion? I am trying to get one of these to work after it has been off for years and after putting the program into slot 1 and ry to go to auto run mode it barely moves and then faults out as if the robot just hit a stop and faulted the servos out. Any thoughts on that? Does it need taught a range of motion?

    I'm not having any luck just running through the manuals and the guy that originally set this up years ago is not able to be gotten ahold of.