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    hello dneprodeniss

    unfortunately I choose not to spend any more of my limited time on research about this robot.

    It also had some mechanical problems -sometimes the brake of axis 2 does not hold the weight and the robot falls. A huge safety issue.

    If you find the solution please post it here so others can see also.

    best regards from Greece

    hello everyone

    I have a kuka VK120N with a VW VRS1 controller.

    I have calibrated all joints but if I move the robot manually with speed above 15% I get an error "position error in joint controller joint 1 (-355)" on all joints I checked the constant 102 position error setting and it is 5000.

    In calibration procedure I can move all axis with good speed,and also in teached programs I have good speed.

    any idea about this problem?

    hello all

    still no news about the key disk.

    still searching...

    Now there after some hours of playing with the robot I managed to calibrate all axis.

    then I moved the robot in manual but if I set the speed above 15% it moves a little and then gives error

    "position error in joint controller"

    joint 1 (-355)

    I checked the constant 102 max position error and the value is 5000 for joint 1.

    This error appears on all joints always with a value smaller than the constant 102.

    If set the speed at 15% I can move the robot manually and teach a program.

    Then I can run the program with speed up to 50-60% in auto mode. If I set faster speed I get the same error but with a value greater than the constant 102.

    I don't think it is mechanical error because in calibration mode I can move it fast.

    thank you all for your time,

    and sorry for the large post


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