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    I'm wondering what is a "reset on my pc"?

    RoboGuide has a very good/finiky license manager. Even swapping out hardware like a video card or adding an extra hard drive will deactivate your license.

    A full windows reinstall is the only way to get a clean install of RoboGuide to work with a trial license.

    i did a full reinstall of windows

    Well it does seem local to your PC then, short of starting to dig into registry, graphics settings etc, I think you'd get to a point receiving messages of:...try this, try this and try this and becoming frustrated.

    Get hold of a newer revision and go from there.

    Just out of curiosity, have you installed/used this previously on the PC or is it a virtual machine, I noticed it is a trial version?

    i have installed it earlier and had the same problem so i deleted the program reinstalled it and then it gave a lot of error messages so i did a reset on my pc and then i installed it once more .The school only gave us a trial version they didn't give a license.

    i tried the shut down and turn on but it didn't work, i also tried the different robot and have the same issue. i have already contacted fanuc for a more recent version

    I don't remember if these older versions have the Backup Cell option, where the cell is saves as a single .rgx file, that can be after (re)imported.

    I think this was introduced only on later V8 revisions. Anyway, If You version have this feature, You can try to make an .rgx and reopen it.

    it doesn't have this option but i contacted fanuc for a newer version that should be able to work on my device and with the FRVC i need

    Can you try the same thing using V7.20 and also V7.70 and see if the same occurs?

    TPRobot , I would also suggest the same as kwakisaki

    Try with other FRVRC. If it works, You can try to reserialize this working robot to FRVRC 7.30 later.

    i tried v7.20 and v7.70 and have the same issue

    while making the video i also got this error message (see attachment) this only happened while making the video the first time but once i plugged my laptop in my monitor and ran it again i didn't have the error anymore

    it is possible but i used the exact same installation folder on another pc and it works fine on that pc

    the FRVC 7.3 came with the installation folder the school provided. i used the exact same folder on the other pc and on that pc it works. i want to try another version of roboguide but i can't seem to find a download for it. in the screenshot you can find the version of the FRVC and roboguide.

    What do you mean by "trying to open my program"?

    Are you trying to create a new cell by restoring from backdate.dt?

    If you refer to my original post i meant opening my cell. I changed my original post so it isn't so confusing any more sorry for that, and thank you for helping me

    Show us a video of:

    a. You opening Roboguide.

    b. Creating a quick Cell.

    c. Saving and closing Roboguide.

    d. Opening Roboguide and opening your cell.

    here is the video:

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    note: when opening roboguide in the video it didn't show the run as admin prompt but i do open it as an admin i set the roboguide shortcut to always open as an admin

    Roboguide Version 8, but what revision?

    Some of older revisions of V8 didn't work well (or at all) under Windows 10, the OS I suppose You are using, looking at that screenshot.

    i am using revision D the software is supplied by my school so it should be able to work

    What is the version of the robot that you are trying to recreate?

    I always thought that the FRVC version had to match the robot software version, which would mean that you would only be able to restore a version 7.3 robot. I may be wrong on this, if I am, I would love to know.

    All I know is that I have a universal subscription that covers all versions of RoboGuide. Every time I update RoboGuide, I always update any updated FRVC version as well. I have every FRVC back to 5.3, so I've never seen this error or thought that FRVC versions may be different from the actual controller versions.

    the robot software is version 7.3. but i also have the problem when i make a cell save that cell and try to open it again.

    • software version 7.30
    • handling tool H552

    Robot: H854 = M6iB controller (R-30iA)

    these are the specs of the robot provided by my school

    in the screenshot you can see the exact version of roboguide

    the other pc i tried this on is also on windows 10 and one of the newer version of windows 10.

    and thank you both for your quick response


    i have roboguide V8 and i can create a workcell and save it etc, but when i save my cell and close roboguide and want to open my saved cell i always have the database error you see in the picture after i press ok nothing happens. it just gives the same screen when i open the program.

    -i tried reinstalling i even resetted my pc.

    -i installed the program as an administrator

    -i open the program using administrator.

    -i use FRVC 7.3.

    -i tried opening the cell in another pc and it works without any problem.

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