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    Hello! My name is Ramiro, I'm from Argentina!

    Last year I bought a used Yaskawa Motoman SSA2000 with arcwelding torch and NX100 Controller.

    Today I was programming the Robot to make a weld in manual, and when I stopped it to change speed welding wire, the touchscreen of the TP disabled. The TP works correctly with buttons and cursor, but I can not use the touchscreen to make other adjustements nor reset alarms from system errors.

    On the other hand, my used robot has low battery charge, so I had to buy a new ER6V Battery Pack for it, but I'll have to wait for them 2 weeks from now (I bought @amazonUSA cause I couldn't find them here in Argentina). This causes a problem (Alarm 4228) that can only be reseted from the touchscreen panel.

    I wonder how could I enable touchscreen to continue working with the Robot correctly?

    Thanks for your attention!

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