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    I do have a servo motor driven harmonic drive with a matching Ethercat servor driver. I want to use it as a light turntable E1 for my KRC4 compact. The servo drive runs commonly used DS402 protocol.

    The final goal is to really control the turntable as E1. It there a way to configure the robot in workvisual to use a 'foreign' Ethercat servo driver for an external axis?

    My successful approach so far:

    I configured a Kuka external axis from the catalalog as simulated E1 in workvisual. I modified the submit task to read the current simulated E1 position and send it as new target position to the E1 servo drive. That works perfectly fine for indexing the workpiece and procees milling. All good.

    For synchronous ( A1 to A6 and E1) moves the non-predictive characteristics of the submit excecution leads to unwanted artefacts. I really want to get rid of them.

    Did you go any further than that? Do you run a KRC4 compact with kuka External axis? How ist the setup there?

    Am I on the wrong track? Is it impossible to go any further, because Kuka made it impossible?

    I really appreciate any input on that topic.

    Thanks a lot,