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    Anyone have good example of code for DKP-400 ( or any external motor) for infinite run handling. After rotationg the positioner in program 200 rounds and then reset the program it always wants to go 200 rounds back to original zero. I am looking for a code which makes this actual position zero again so we dont need to run back 200rounds... I mean same as "mastering zero here now" in program. It is fine also if it rotates only max +/- 180degree to nearest zero but not all 200rounds back.

    We have in X44-EK1100- EL6692--> EK1110 (CX9020). In WoV EL6692 slave setting we set 1byte out and 1byte in. After Deploying we get these error messages in KRC4 : error reading/writing, IO Mapping and Byte Config (see pict). In CX9020 we have defined 1byte in and one byte out and also linked these byte to variables. We have KSS8.6.6. and WoV 6.0.18. Any ideas?


    I have remap the path using regedit and it is now a:\KeyFiles\key_2.txt . It used to be d:\KeyFiles\key_2.txt . Folder is in first accessible level in Floppy disk. On Kcp I can see the error message: "Key file not found".


    "New robot" ( model y.1999/2002) arrived. How to make VKRC1 to go Expert ? I checked in Regedit that KeyFile20 search from A / KeyFiles/Key_2.txt but when booted it is still in operator mode and does not let us to change to Expert. I know that A-drive works and key file is there. We also tried USB to Floppy emulator also but same result. System search from Floppy ( we see the led on A-drive) when Kuka software starts after windows.

    I think we can keep it VKRC1 ( not to change to KRC1) but we need to be able to input new programm files into R1 easily. Software is V3.3.3 SP10 HF04.

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