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    Hi everyone! I need your help.We have KUKA KR 120 R(2700)-2,KSS 8.6.5,KRC-4.

    We want to install COBRA grippers for stamping operations. Can anyone tell us that cobra suitable with this robot and kss and its price.

    Hi guys! I need your help.I want to control Kuka robot using s7-1215 controller. Can I control using this PLC? or should be 1500 one?.I have these software and hardware.

    KR 10 r1100 -2

    KRC 4 Compact

    KSS 8.6.7

    KUKA.Profinet 5.0

    kuka mxAutomation 3.1.1

    WorkVisual 6.0

    :help: :help: :help: Hi guys! I have problem with Weidmuller and Kuka.I am try to set a connection between Weidmuller and Kuka.

    Kuka KCC 8.6.6

    Weidmuller UR20 System UR20-FBC-PN-IRT-V2

    Kuka TECH PAC Pofinet 5.0.2

    UR20-16DI -P modul

    UR20-16DO -P module

    I did IO mapping and other configurations using Workvisual but it does'n work.In Weidmuller BF led red lighting.I read it means no connection. Cna you help me Where I made a mistake or didn't take into accaunt

    Hi everyone,I am knew in this forum . I need your adwise.We are going to detect defect in steel radiators.We are going to use kuka camera and kuka robot.Which camera should we use and can we detect scratch,welding defects,and other defects? Can we connect any cognex camera to kuka or not? Moreover,Can someone tell me whole process step by step

    Hi everyone!I am using kr 10 r1100-2 and I have trouble connecting electrical gripper to it and i tried to find information I knew that Imust connect to x41 but i do not know how to connect pins.If somebody helped me,I would be glad

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