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    Lower ACC values will help prevent damage to the flimsy design. Acceleration causes force not velocity. Simple physics F=MA. Lowering ACC will obviously also lower the max achievable speed for shorter movements.

    Avoiding jerky movements is best so avoid FINE or low CNT values unless necessary.

    Best to just redesign the tooling.

    This is 100% true. We need a larger tool but the robot can't support the payload which sort of explains the issue. We are looking to replace the robot and tool. In the meantime, I need to walk on water and speed this robot up.

    We have a tool that is aluminum and at 100% speed, the tool can bend when coming to a stop or sudden quick changes in direction can cause problems. The current solution is to simply lower the speed to 75-85% depending on the program. To help with cycle time, I'm curious if using ACC50 or whatever value at CNT0 or FINE positions would be faster than just lowering the speed. I did a very simple test in Roboguide, and it is "faster". I tried ACC75, 50, 25 as I approached a stopping point, but this was slower than just changing the speed. I haven't done any real world testing yet. Anyone have experience lowering ACC values and if it's worth going that route?

    Essentially, I don't want this flimsy terribly designed tool to bend, but I'd like to increase the speed of the robot so that it operates at full speed except any movement that may cause issues. If I end up having to keep a speed override in place, I may override the speed using BG Logic in the form of the code below and setting the speed at certain points by changing the register values. Any ideas will be much appreciated.

    IF (!UO[8:TP enabled] AND DO[164:SpeedSignal]=ON),$MCR.$GENOVERRIDE=(R[65])

    I would do a search for "Menu Utility." I think that is what you want. To see if your robot already has it, check under MENU > SETUP

    First, thank you for your response. From the brief research on "Menu Utility", it could be what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, I don't see this option in my teach pendants. It appears to be a paid option; am I out of luck or is there another way to modify the recovery options?

    Menu -> Alarm -> Recovery

    This reads as no faults exist unless there is a recovery option available. This can occur if the WELD COMPLETE was not received from the weld controller. It lists the ERROR AND ACTION. F4 will pull up the choices. For weld Faults, I'm given two options:

    1. Retry weld and continue program

    2. Skip weld and continue program

    Can the choices be modified or even removed/deleted? It might seem odd, but I don't want these options directly on the robot controller itself (especially option 2). I can't find much information online regarding Alarm Recovery. I have several theories and ideas, maybe one of you know for sure. I feel like this might have a simple solution but I'm not seeing it. Thanks in advance for any help.

    Additional Info if helpful: