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    All spindles use compressed air up to 10 bars maximum for tool changing peneumatic circuit and inside sealing. Because spindle use air for sealing against dust entrance into the motor and blow at 4-6 bars continously around HSK, flow rate is well to be as much as possible, 200 L/min or more. That way compressor will start seldomer having enough air volume.

    You can use also 100 or 150 L/min but compressor will start oftener to refill small reservoir volume.

    Thank you! this is exactly the information I was looking for.


    Trying to pick a compressor for our soon to be milling set-up, but im not sure how powerful it should be.

    Does anyone know what the required air would be for a robot+spindle? Bars and L/min

    Thanks in advance.

    This question was answered and you as owner have to go to jail if someone has died (at least in the EU)

    Think about that

    "so why you did ask?" - I didnt.

    If some can die from milling foam with a robot... then what about angle grinders, nail guns, drills, etc. ?


    when I said ''I do not care for the regulations in this case.'' it means that I do not want to talk safety regulations in this thread. This thread is and should only be about the fact if the chips and dust from milling can set off the light curtains at a distance of 2meters from the furthest maximum reach point.

    In the end, as previously stated I'm no expert. I am a buyer who wanted a answer to a simple question that was not answered, so I dumped the light curtains and took the less ''fancy'' rout and ordered a fence instead.

    The company I bought the milling robot module from makes sure that all regulations are met.

    Is your milling application just for fun (private use) or industrial use?

    The regulations help to make the system more safe therefore you should care

    industrial use.

    I'm completely aware that there are regulations. in the EU and in the country that I currently reside in.
    But again, as previously mentioned. Regulations has nothing to do with this post, and is completely off topic.

    although you "typed" that slowly, doesn't mean that we have to read it slowly... or does it? :winking_face:

    my original question was - will the dust and chips set off the light curtains? (2m away from the spindle)

    why you want to talk regulations, i have no idea. i do not care for the regulations in this case.

    model name - sure, but it is not necessary anymore.

    nevertheless, the matter is settled, as you can see in the post prior to your ''slowly'' written post.

    Thanks for the many answers. we decided on a basic fence enclosure instead.

    I was simply skeptical about the 2meters, that is why I decided to post. :smiling_face:

    thanks again to you all.


    Was wondering if anyone has any bad experience with light curtains used for a milling set-up.
    Light curtains are usually placed around 2meters from the robots furthest reach point.

    I wonder, will the dust and chips set off the light curtains?


    I'm new here and have very minimal knowledge when it comes to robots and programming.

    Would really appreciate someone's opinion. I am to purchase a robot for milling high density polyurethane foam and other soft foams.
    Currently I've been looking at a brand new set-up which is a little over powered for its job. Alternately, I've been looking at a refurbished 2015 robot.

    Was wondering if someone could tell be if buying a refurbished robot is too big of a risk. The price difference is around 40-50% (note that the new set-up is over powered, which increases its price). Please see the 2 setups:

    1. Option (New from kuka, the over powered)

    - KR 120 R2700 – 2 with their milling equipment set (supplier: HSD; max. speed: 36,000 rpm; tool clamping HSK E40; Air (6 bar); water supply)

    - KP1-MB 3000 S

    - KL 4000 7meters (8 meters)

    - Kuka tool changer with cover (10 slots)

    2. Option (Refurbished)(experts when it comes to milling)
    - KR180 R2900 (2015)

    - New spindle HSD 951 ISO30 Air cooled
    - Custom made rotating table with Kuka motor with payload of max 1500 kg

    - Lineal track 7meters (8 meters)(Model yet to be specified, assuming its the KL 4000)
    - Custom made tool changer (10 slots)

    Both options, are fully functional solutions, but I have no experience with robots, so I'm not sure if a refurbished robot is a big No-No, although there is a 40-50% price difference.

    And if someone could tell me what CAM software would be best for the robot+track+positioner. Fusion 360 would be the main CAD

    Thanks in advance!

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