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    Hello all, i hope the way i am asking question is right :thinking_face: if not, i am sorry in advance.

    My question is:

    i am gonna scan a 300mm x 300mm area with an inductive sensor and then If this sensor perceives a metal surface, there will be a process that calculates the center point of the metal piece.

    I wanna use SPS file to make sensor check whether there is metal or not, but i dont know how to include SPS file to the SRC file to make them work together

    Maybe giving away too much here but your teacher probably wants something like this in SPS

    IF inductive_sensor THEN
    metal_surface = TRUE

    then you can use the metal_surface in .src and do the calculations there
    The reason might be as Leon said.

    There have been a lot of redundant questions about Interrupt handling lately, so I decided to make a heavily-commented example file that should (Hopefully!) point people with the same questions to as a starting point.

    I don't have a KRC handy to test this on, though, so I can't guarantee I haven't missed something subtle here.


    SkyeFire to the rescue yet again with another awesome post :smiling_face: One day I will get my KUKA programming course, interrupt is probably in course two.
    Thank you all again i'm just lurking around here and trying to learn from all of you. Keep it up!

    However, meddling with them incautiously can cause your program to fail to compile properly, with very vague and misleading error messages -- the formatting is critical. I once had a set of offline-generated programs that would not load into the robot at all, simply because there was a blank line inserted above the first & line. And no error message to hint what the actual problem was, just a generic load failure.

    That sounds like a disaster, I really hope it's already fixed in new versions. :grinning_squinting_face:

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