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    Hey Everyone, just wanted to post an update that the safety is working and our robot took its first steps yesterday :)

    We switched our sensor to a re13-sac sensor, and wired directly to the EAS ports on the e stop board. No need for the complex controller we initially purchased. Our e stop button works too.

    Thanks for the help everyone, I sure learned a lot.

    pdl and Lemster68 Hi, thanks for your input. I am still trying to process and understand all of this :)

    Ok I see! I did not know that that the fence circuit is only monitored in automode. We do plan on using T1 and T2 and we don't want to teach while being inside of the cage.

    So I guess instead of using EAS ports, I will have to wire to EES ports? So in the event the cage is opened the robot stops moving? However, looking at the manual, it shows that EES ports are for external emergency stop switches and what i have is a non contact door switch.

    I am now confused what is the purpose of having a fence circuit, if we can just stop the robot from moving using an external stop switch (maybe located near the door).

    Thanks again for taking the time to explain such things. I will contact Fanuc directly to see if they provide any training for this. Maybe I should start from there.


    thanks for your response and patience with me! i don't have an electrical background.. and have not made many circuits before. and i definitely do not want to blow any fuses...

    My safety controller has replay outputs. Are additional relays needed then?

    You mentioned they are jumpered. Yes i've seen that in the manuals. So the way I wire my circuit, will still require a jumpered connection from EAS1 to EAS11, and EAS2 to EAS21...?

    From what I understand now, I think this is how to wire it. do you mind confirming if this is correct/in correct?:

    I am not sure if this thread is still being monitored, but I am building a fence currently for our m20ia (with r30ib plus controller). I would like to know, Plc_User and BigFrank612, how you wired your sensors to the e stop board.

    Could you please let me know how you wired your fence sensor to the board? did you need to use a safety relay or safety controller?


    Hello! I am new to the world of Fanuc robots and I am learning to get things started with a new M20iA with R30ib Plus controller our company has purchased.

    We are building a safety fence for our robot. The goal is, when the door of the fence is open, we want the robot to stop moving.

    I would like to know, how do you wire a non contact door switch (in my case, it is an OMRON d40z switch) to the r30ib plus e stop board? Do I wire it directly to the ports on the estop board EAS1 and EAS11? Also, do I need to wire an external 24V power supply to the e stop board? Most of my knowledge for wiring controllers comes from Arduino... :P

    To add, I have purchased a safety controller (OMRON G9SX). To my research and reading manuals, I think this is what I have to do:

    Wire the D40z to the G9sx, and from the G9sx wire to the r30ib e stop board to ports EAS1 and EAS11.

    Could someone kindly let me know if any of this is correct? And if not, how to wire a safety switch to the controller?

    Thanks in advance for all the help!


    A new robot enthusiast