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    $MOR.$safety_stat from other linked thread should work.

    IF $MOR.$safety_stat <> 512 THEN

    !safety OR other fault detected


    But this will trigger all of the faults listed there. DEADMAN for example...

    Or you can try:

    512 +




    64 MFS_EMGEX

    IF $MOR.$safety_stat = 513 OR $MOR.$safety_stat = 514 OR $MOR.$safety_stat = 520 OR $MOR.$safety_stat = 576 THEN

    !Emergency stop


    I'm not sure, if TP E-STOP will trigger EMGEX as it does with DO. Maybe $MOR.$safety_stat = 576 is enough? Need some testing to do






    Those variables are to assign DO to the specific function. Same as SYSTEM > CONFIG.

    For mode you can use:
    1 - T1

    2 - T2

    3 - AUTO

    It's not clear if you want E-STOP in general or specific button status.
    $MOR.$SAFETY_STAT will show different status

    Check $LOGBOOK variable group, inside there are specific items that can be enabled/disabled.

    In your situation should be $LOG_PRGEXE 0, I think?

    Check "Software Reference Manual" or could guess some by the names.

    There are variables to set how much space should be left in controller memory after logbook buffer(otherwise buffer is deleted).

    $DRAM_MARGIN, $SRAM_MARGIN - kilobytes. But didn't have any need to change it, filtering works fine.

    I don't think it resets after power off.

    There is an alarm "SRVO-012 Power failure recovery", it comes up after hot start.

    You could check MENU>ALARM>F3 (HIST) or Motion Log. But keep in mind that this alarm can be out flooded with other alarms during production.

    Or you could check LOGBOOK.LS in MD: directory (or make AOA and open with notepad). It would include robot time as well like this.


    Power failure recovery

    25-MAR-23 19:58 :36


    It again can be out flooded by other stuff (for example "ENTER is pressed"), but those can be disabled in $LOGBOOK variable group. There is are a lot, but some could be guest like $LOG_UF means UserFrame. Or check the "Software Reference Manual".

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