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    Thank you about yor answers.

    There are 4 Parts for pick and place, which are 600mm*600mm and a LED strip which is about 500mm*6mm. And for gluing process should be used pneumatic gun.

    As I understand the only difference is in the cycle time, but you now know the part size.

    If there is any other suggestion I will be happy to hear from you.


    I want to plan a pick & place task and a gluing process with a robot.

    As dispensing system I should use a pneumatic gun. and for P&P a vacuum gripper and a 2-finger gripper should be used.

    in this step i need to know, can i program both tasks with one robot? or do i need two robots?

    Actually I know that I can schedule both tasks with one robot, but I need to know clearly what is the difference if I do these tasks with 2 robots?

    Does it help to have better accuracy or does it help to save time? (Or any other opinion I would like to hear from you).