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    I do a test, restored to factory state without any user programs, and downloaded a new dat file very smoothly via Workvisual. When I added more than about 20 dat files(about 33kb each), downloading again through Workvisual, the KSS14004 warning appeared and took too long, but no timeout alarm appeared yet.

    I think if I add more files, it may cause a timeout alarm.

    KRC 8.3.36.

    Can anyone help?

    When I use Workvisual to download a program to the KRC4 control cabinet, it holds the transmission state for a long time and then reports a timeout every time, even if I've only modified one character in a file. During the download process I check the smart panel and it first shows KSS14004, after that it shows" connection to power management board lost", sometimes it also shows PMS16. I checked the electrical cabinet and there was no fuse failure. When I turn off Workvisual's timeout alarm window and cancel the remote connection in the smart panel, the "S" is still grayed out and it can be started manually.

    Can anyone help me?