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    Hi everybody,

    I use a program that is controlling the robot RS003N by receiving from the computer via UDP list of 6 position variables [XYZOAT]. Then the values are decoded and assign to do JMOVE [XYZOAT]

    At the end of robot I have force sensors that sends data to computer.

    I would like implement something that would stop robot during the execution of a JMOVE command if sensors will show on computer too high values, by sending a UDP command and that robot 'forget' the move command to that point, so not just HOLD.

    After that I would like to be able to receive next point position by UDP and execute the next JMOVE to that point.

    Here is pseudo code how I see it:

    Received first point via UDP vl1 = [.vl[1], .vl[2], .vl[3], .vl[4], .vl[5], .vl[6]]

    POINT .tp= TRANS (.vl[1], .vl[2], .vl[3], .vl[4], .vl[5], .vl[6])

    JMOVE .tp

    Received via UDP HALT ; to stop the movement during execution

    ?HALT? ; stop the whole program so I cant receive new UDP commands to execute

    ?ERESET? ; not working in program

    Received new point via UDP vl2 = [.vl[1], .vl[2], .vl[3], .vl[4], .vl[5], .vl[6]]

    POINT .tp = TRANS (.vl[1], .vl[2], .vl[3], .vl[4], .vl[5], .vl[6])

    JMOVE .tp

    Is it possible to stop move execution to a point and with next UDP received do move to different point? What else could I use as HALT and ERESET doesn't work as expected?

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new here. I am doing my master thesis on Kawasaki FS03N with controller D+. I am using ethernet communication to connect the robot with KCwinTCP. I have got K-roset trial version and was reading through the AS language manuals but met some problems.

    My current goal is to make 2 programs works at the same time.

    I have managed to write a program doing the movement along the object edges but don't know how to write the second program gathering real-time data every 50 milliseconds about cartesian position XYZOAT of the robot and after movement finishes, the program saves it as a table.

    It is essential as I have a robot tool with force sensors gathering data to Arduino with such accuracy and I need to connect the two readings(from sensors and cartesian position with respect to a time). After the program finish, I would create a new program where I add more positions/modify the current one so that the force sensors have constant or reduced force on it.

    Maybe someone with more experience can tell me if it is possible to gather cartesian positions of the robot in real-time with accuracy to milliseconds and with what commands could I work with to achieve it?

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