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    I am working on a vision tracking project. I run the function PKCSGETQUE. I detect the object with a camera (i see it on runtime)

    but the information doesnt saved on VR[1] that i have declare at PKCSGETQUE and the stat register doesnt change to 1 or 0 but it

    stucks to 2 (no item detected).

    I have tested the same programm to another project and it worked.


    I have a visual tracking project and i use the option "start/stop conveyor".

    When i cant prevent to fill the entire line i use a DO and i stop the conveyor.

    But after this i want to put one more object and restart the conveyor and not to fill the entire conveyor.

    For example if i have to fill a line with 7 objects and i have filled 3 of them and i cant prevent the other 4 of them, i want to stop the conveyor.

    After that i want to fill the 4th and after that i need to restart the conveyor.

    The irpicktool sends me the DO until i fill all of the 7 cells.

    Is any way to acknowledge the DO and restart my conveyor whenever i want?


    I have 1 physical encoder but i want to make 2 trays to solve the problem below. For this purpose i have to create 2 conveyors. When i start to set the second conveyor in irpicktool i get error:

    LNTK-022 No tracking hardware

    Cause: No tracking sensor hardware interface or improperly initialized system variables.

    Remedy: Check tracking hardware setup and the values of $SCR.$ENC_TYPE and $SCR.$ENC_AXIS.

    Can i use the same encoder for 2 conveyors in irpicktool?

    i want the boxes that are picked from robot 1 to be placed on the tray , in a cell that is in the half tray near robot 1. The same thing with robot 2.

    I want to use the tray that irpicktool gives me and not playing with offsets


    I have a problem with a vision project.

    I have a conveyor with same boxes on it and ONE CAMERA that photoshoots the boxes. I pick the boxes with 2 robots, one by one.

    After that i place them on a tray.

    The problem is that i want the ROBOT 1 place its boxes on the first half of the tray and the ROBOT 2 place its boxes on the second half of the tray.

    I found that i can write wich model id every cell of the tray will handle,so i will write model id 1 to the half cells and model id 2 to the other hald cells. but i dont know how to change the model id of the boxes that are picked from each robot.

    In the manual i found that you can use vision conditions that can change the model id depending on their positions on the conveyor or depending on their characteristics but i have same boxes and same distance.

    I am looking for a command that can write the model id 1 when robot 1 picks a box and model id 2 when robot 2 picks a box.



    See here:

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    Thanks for your reply, but where in the video Adam answers about my alarm?

    Hello all,

    I have a question for you. When i "enable vision simulation" in ROBOGUIDE i take an error message. "VSCiRVisionInterface.Connect Err Line Number:8 [iRVision] cannot connect virtual frame grabber. virtual camera connection failed. Please re open this workcell to connect virtual camera. Or, please reboot your PC. If you seee this error again, your security settingsmay prevent virtual camera connection. Please check the settings". I have already restart my PC and re open the workcell several times. Please help me