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    I solve it.

    I run the "BrakeTestMonitorSampleApp" on LBRMed and it looks ok now. No more warnings or errors in the protocol screen.

    I saw in the manual that it is recommended to run this test every time before the start of the operation of the robot. It was a piece of information that I missed. So if you don't run this test, after 1 hour the robot blocks all functions and shows a warning about the break test, as we can see with the image that I post before.

    Anyway, thanks for all help!

    Ok, here some information:

    Robot: LBRMed 7 R800

    Cabinet: Sunrise Cabinet Med

    Software version: KUKA Sunrise.OS Med 1.15 (1.15.2.RapiSMedV12_9)

    This problem occurs without start any application. For example, today I just turn the robot on and I test with jogging if it is moving, everything looks ok. Occasionally I tested to see if the error had happened. After 1h27min I tested again and then the problem occurred. I'm posting here the protocol screen to show what's happening.

    I didn't see it before but is something about the brake test, so I will use the LBRMed brake test application and analyze what's going on.

    "Generic device error:
    -Position range data ID1 not valid


    -Position range data ID1 not valid"

    Hello everyone,

    I'm working with a KUKA LBRMed 7 R800 and some times the robot just stops to move, when we let it without moving for a while or after an application is finished. It doesn't show any error message on smartpad, as safety violation or something like that. The only way to solve it is restarting the cabinet. Any ideas what may be going on?