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    Thank you so much. I just needed someone to tell me definitively that AS couldn't access the Tool 1-9 Aux data. That's the part that was driving me nuts. You seldom find a "No, it can't be done" in a manual so I just kept looking for the solution. Thank you for the detailed description and I understand it fine. One additional question. If all of the Block programs were done with basically a zero tool (TCP at faceplate) can I set QTOOL OFF permanently so long as I include a TOOL NULL instruction at the top of each Block program?

    I have a very simple question related to setting the current tool number in a Kawasaki AS program. I'm not super familiar with Kawasaki AS language and I'm struggling with a very basic thing. The customer has asked me to add a couple new programs to the robot and all of the current programs have been taught, both in AS and Block programming styles, with TOOL NULL or basically no TOOL offset at all. I have created a new proper tool that reflects the actual TCP of the tool installed and I've saved that as TOOL 9.

    In the program I'm writing I need to use the TDRAW command to move around a shape that is not co-planar with any of the robots BASE coordinates. It's just a rectangle that sits on a slanted surface. All I want to do is make TOOL 9 the active tool in the program and then use TDRAW to move in the x,y,z directions of the TOOL 9 TCP. Simple right? In a Fanuc robot I could do this with one line.

    Despite 4 hours of reading Kawasaki programming manuals I have not found the answer for how to do this. Could someone please share how this is done in a Kawasaki E controller using the AS language.

    Thanks for your help.