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    So much of this depends on how heavy an object you're trying to move, and how fast...

    At the very bottom end, an Arduino with a Motor Shield makes a decent minimum-cost starting point. Hobby servos are widely available in a broad range of sizes and power ratings (and prices), and their gearhead interfaces are standardized so it's easy to find CAD data for them if you need to 3D-print an adapter of some kind.

    I second the SparkFun and AdaFruit recommendation -- they have all the components, and most of the component pages have tutorial videos and sample code to start from.

    Okay thank you I'll definitely do that.

    Then what's your hardware? What motor? What motor controller? What speed/torque/currrent/payload?

    That's kind of what I'm asking, like what are the basic things to consider/the best things for a beginner?

    there are courses for python on youtube (for many hours, actually for days - covering everything)

    If you like I can sing all of the rules for you - otherwise just get familiar with it)

    Just start with the start

    Yes please, I'd like you to 'sing' the basics for me if you have time thanks.

    What is your platform? You could do anything from running this from a Linux or Windows PC, all the way down to an Arduino, depending on your power requirements and what servo motor you're using.

    I have Windows 10 and I was considering Python but I don't really know enough to know if Python will work.

    Hello all,

    Recently I've undertaken a CREST gold award which is effectively an assessed science project. Part of my project is effectively a simplistic robot that automatically pushes/pulls levers as part of a sequences (sort of shown in the sketch below). However I'm very new to robotics. I would like to clarify I'm not asking anyone to write the code, I was just wondering if anyone knows the easiest language/way for me to write the code, please could they reply.

    All opinions would be really helpful as I haven't really seen anything about this online.

    Thanks in advance,


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