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    This unit was a Daimler machine. It was sold as being upgraded to KR C2 ed05 but started as a KR C2. I included photos of device manager, and the currently installed cards. This is the second of 4 machines I am setting up like this and the first one was as you said, no video on external monitor until I turned it on in windows.


    Hello all,

    I am having a weird issue with my KCP display. I just put a new SSD, fresh XP and KSS 5.3.2 install onto my KRC2 cabinet (both files straight from Kuka and used on another system successfully). When the system turns on the KCP displays all the startup visuals and will also work in the BIOS, but once it goes into Windows the display goes black. I know it is still turned on because there is some damage to the LCD that only shows when it is turned on, and all the buttons work to control the robot and controller. I tried poking around the display settings in Windows and it is showing the auxiliary display card as Default and not showing any options to turn on dual display output. It should be noted with the original HDD and system software installed the KCP works fine.

    Any ideas what could be causing this? Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be switched? The last robot I recommissioned the same way and had to change windows settings to get my VGA monitor working, but now it seems the other way around.

    Thanks in advance for your guidance.


    panic mode,

    I was told this is an older KRC2 updated to ed05. I have since reinstalled KSS that I got a fresh copy of from Kuka, the 5.3.2 version. I do not know what is the difference between the two, and older krc2 and the ed05, which may be nice to know. Here is a picture of the bottom panel of my controller. X211C is wired to the same port as an X11, and the X11 service jumper that came with the machine does work to get the robot to move in testing. From what I can decipher in the wiring diagrams from the machine, X211A-B are the OUT and IN for the safetyBUS system.

    Hello all,

    I am trying to configure the safety system for my robot cell and I want to setup a button/series of buttons that can get my program to continue running after opening a safety gate (in this case a door is opened for new material to be loaded into the workcell). I am running a KRC2 ed05 controller on 5.3.2 but it is not a standard controller. It is a Diamler unit and the safety controller is one of the double stacked CI3 boards with SafetyBUS. I am trying to use it without a dedicated safety PLC but I cannot seem to find how to continue the operation without using the teach pendant after every trip on the safety circuit. The X11 is actually an X211c and is wired differently. Attached is the wiring diagram for it. Am I out of luck trying to run this without a safety PLC attached, or can I get it to work with just safety interlocks and a button to acknowledge personnel safety and continue running?


    Worked like a charm! I did both things, changed to x3 and changed to INB/OUTB and the inputs are registering finally. I saw in the Terminator manual something about Diagnostic information but I did not know how to correlate that with my issue. Thank you both for your help.

    Hello all,

    I am in the process of adding some simple I/O to my robot, specifically a Terminator T1K-DEVNETS with one 8-point input and one 8-point output module. My robot controller is a Krc2 Ed05 running 5.3.2.

    I am running into an issue where I have everything seemingly installed correctly, power attached, resistors installed, the inputs lights on the module light up when activated, but I can not get the inputs to show up on the input monitor or mid program. I have tried different addresses to see if that helps in case I was overlapping something else in the system but still a no-go.

    Here are the DEVNET.INI, IOSYS.INI, DEVNET.LOG, and IOSYS.LOG. I am not seeing any errors or anything out of place but If you guys could give it a once over I would appreciate it.

    Also attached are what shows up when I run the Telnet "dnShow1" and "dnWho".

    I have worked through the entire DevNET manual to install and map the I/O, is there anything I may have missed to get my I/O to work properly? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Code: DEVNET.INI

    Thank you for that information, it has started to clear things up for me and I will continue to do some more digging as I just found the Expert programming manual. I have the spring loaded cups already so I have an inch and a half of wiggle room to work with, combined with a few other options you mentioned I think I can get it going. What is a typical stopping distance if I am running say 0.3 m/s? Or is it specific move dependent?

    So I would have the robot moving towards the lowest spot of the stack(ex- From P2 -> LIN P3) and have an interrupt ready to catch the signal from a proximity sensor? That interrupt program would contain a Brake, activate my vacuum, and return to the main program to then lift and continue on?

    Hello All,

    I am trying to figure out the best way to perform an operation with my Robot. The system has a vacuum lifting frame attached and it is loading and unloading sheets of PVC plastic into a thermo-former. The problem I am trying to solve is how should I go about adjusting to the diminishing stack of raw material as the process is going on. I figured I can either:

    A. program in an incremental drop every sheet and rely on the operator to reset the system when a fresh stack is loaded

    B. run with a proximity sensor that senses the height of the stack as the robot lowers to it

    B seems to be the more fail-safe option that does not require added input to prevent crashes, but being new to Kuka Robots I do not know how to tell the robot to move to a position over the stack, then lower in the Z direction until the proximity sensor activates. Any input, ideas, or program examples would be very much appreciated.

    For reference:

    Kuka KR210 L150

    Krc2 ED05 running 5.3.2

    Thank you all for the suggestions, I am working through them slowly and I have gotten the robot to move some while also clearing out old programs and parameters. Is it a common issue to get the error "work envelope exceeded" when trying to run through a simple PTP movement program? I will jog one axis at a time to the position that I want and record it, then I will Select the Line before to move it back which it will, then I try to move it to that new spot and it will give that error... even though it just did the movement in reverse. It makes no sense to me and I feel I am missing something.

    So there is no way to just revert it back to the original "out of the box" settings, options, etc.. The more I try to do things, even just make a simple movement program I keep running into all the settings and parameters already programmed into the unit. I will look into backing things up first thing.

    Is there a way I can get the original program templates that I assume were on the machine at some point? The only ones it is giving me when I try and start a new program have all been changed up. They keep referring to PLC connections that are not there and the INI has been changed and I cannot seem to find how to change that. Very overwhelming but reading through the forum has started to clear bits and pieces up for me

    I just got in 4 used KUKA robots, KR210 L150's all with KRC2 ed2005 controllers. I am trying to set them up one by one (these are the first industrial robots our company has purchased) and I am running into issues due to the fact that the controllers are loaded up with everything from the past owners. Is there a way to factory reset them or atleast clear all those old settings and data points out? I keep trying to work my way through settings one by one but keep getting hung up on all the changes made and would love to work with a clean slate. The controller I am currently using has KSS 5.3.3 running i believe, if that helps at all. Thanks.

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