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    Hello there,

    I have created a socket server (Fanuc robot LR Mate 200iC/5L with R30iA controller) and client on Pc with python.

    $SCR_GRP[1].$m_pos_enb = True

    The server code looks like this:

    I am stuck on the following code below. I am trying to send a system variable to the client.

    -- Write 4 bytes (REAL)
    my_real = get_real('*SYSTEM*','SCR_GRP[1].$MCH_POS_X')    <<               
    WRITE file_var (my_real::9::2)

    Can someone help me, please?

    Hello everyone,

    Currently, I have established a connection between robot and pc by means of sockets. A python application runs a socket server, and on the Fanuc robot the client.

    However, I have two additional questions I would like to ask you.

    1) How can I send position data from the robot (for example x-axis) from the client to the server? I assume putting the script in BG-logic and refresh the variable constantly. However, how will the script look like? An example would be nice.


    2) Do I need to open and close the server every time I want to send data to the server? Or just loop forever in a while loop?

    Thanks in advance. Below my code.

    Hi all,

    Do I need to buy the KAREL license option to setup a socket server on the R30iA Mate Controller.

    Or is there a way to do it without purchasing KAREL license?

    I want to send the robot position via TCP/IP to the client side (PC). R648 (User Socket Msg) is installed on the controller.