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    The AL1322 has 20 bytes for basis parametters.

    After i need 2 inputs and outputs bytes for each port in the AL1322 where an equipment is connected.

    So it make 20+2+2 at a minimum.

    But i prefer to pre-configure all the port so, 20+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2= 36 bytes inputs and outputs.


    Now i will try with only one part connected and all other disabled.

    -It's a remote IO module.

    -The AL1322 is connected to :

    IO/Link Electric cylinder

    IO/Link Distance sensor

    4 inductive sensor

    -Right, it's just this. A cable between Kawasaki port 2 and AL1322 module.

    -ifm IOL Master AL1322.txt This is the EDS of the AL1322 module.

    -In the adapter i've put the hostname "timesys-", it is necessarily adapter. I've put a correct ip configuration.

    -The AL1322 leds says that it is not connected to bus actually.

    -The configuration is automatic. The AL1322 recognize equipments that are connected.


    The robot needs a fieldbus board mounted in the controller and the OP_FIELDBUS function must be activated. Some details about the board configuration can be found in the General_Fieldbus_IO_Usage_Manual appendix G. I suppose that you are using a PLC.


    I've the standard board in France who has 2 RJ45 port for ethernet/ip, one in facade (port 1) and one in the cabinet (port 2).

    Where is this funtion ? :|

    I'm actually on this document.

    I don't use PLC, the robot is master of the line. It's just a palletizing line.

    Thank You !

    -I've had a call with a technician from IFM. He think the configuration for this module is fine.

    -It's a little I/O master for IO/Link peripheral.

    -AL1322 is the slave (adapter) on the network. The robot is the master (scanner).

    -I've connected the IFM AL1322 on port 2.

    -The only module that is connected to the port 2 is the AL1322, so i don't think.

    -Yes the Kawasaki is the master on the line.

    -The robot must read/write datas in the AL1322.

    -I don't really know what you mean but i think it's a bus network between Kawasaki robot and AL1322.


    I've a Kawasaki E Controller (CP180 robot) and i need to talk with a AL1322 IFM (Ethernet/IP IO/Link Master).

    The controller and the IFM Master don't see each other.

    I think my IFM master configuration is good, so i think the problem is from the robot controller.

    With my pc connected on the fieldbus port of ifm master, i can ping the ifm master and the robot controller.

    Here is my robot controller configuration :

    0611 : Numbers of I/O signals

    Number of output signals : 32

    Number of input signals : 32

    Number of internal signals : 320

    Number of master signals : 288

    Number of slave signals : 0

    060801 : Allocate signals to ports

    Input 320 Output 320

    Master 288 Master 288

    Local 32 Local 32

    1-32 Local 1-32 Local

    33-320 Master 33-320 Master

    060802 : Assing ports to physical interface

    Master port : 12

    Slave port : 0

    06080901 : Port setting

    Ip adress :

    Host name : timesys-

    Subnet mask

    Gateway :

    0608090401 : I/O comunication setting 1 :

    Page 1

    Instance : 1

    network path :

    TargetConfigConnInstance : 199 (From ifm master)

    TargetProducingConnPoint : 102 (From ifm master)

    TargetConsumingConnPoint : 151

    TargetConsummingConnTag :

    TargetProducingConnTag :

    ProducingDataRate : 20

    ConsumingDataRate : 20

    OutputRunProgramHeader : 1

    InputRunProgramHeader : 0

    Page 2

    ProducingConnectionType : 4000

    ConsumingConnectionType : 4000

    ProducingPriority : 0800

    ConsumingPriority : 0800

    TransportClass : 1

    TransportType : 00

    TimeoutMultiplier : 2

    WatchdogTimeoutAction : 3

    WatchdogTimeoutReconnectDelay : 1000

    HostIPAddr : FFFFFFFF

    Page 3

    InputScannerOffset : 0

    InputScannerSize : 36 (from ifm master)

    OutputScannerOffset : 0

    OutputScannerSize : 18 (from ifm master)

    SharedMemoryOffset : 0

    QuickConnect : 0

    This is all i've configured.

    In the monitor software ethernet/IP nothing is online.

    Do you think i miss something ? Or any parameter can be wrong ?

    Thanks for your help.

    Edit ; The solution was to increase the datarate.

    ProducingDataRate : 20 -> 32

    ConsumingDataRate : 20 -> 32