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    Hello Experts,

    I have been struggling for a few days with setting up Ethernet/IP communication with the PLC. Using m20id Fanuc robot.

    Has anyone seen this process through completely? I've called tech support multiple times. I've watched videos on how to set up EIP through the robot, Purchased a PAC code, Downloaded an EDS file for the PLC programmer to use, and cannot think of anything else to do. The PLC programmer has checked his end multiple times as well. I am at my wits end with this issue.



    Hello All,

    I am working on a palletizing program at the moment. Since the robot I am using did not come with PalletTool software I am using PR's and Registers to create the palletizing section of this program rather than teach every single placement.

    I plan to off set the X axis for each Row and the Z axis for each Layer. There are 4 different parts being used, so offset values will vary depending on part selected.

    I also need to put a cardboard layer down before I start the next row. I was thinking of creating a register for this using the selected part's Z offset value to determine carboard layer position.

    I am having trouble formulating the code needed for this operation. I'd appreciate any assistance on this subject. I am currently waiting on Fanuc for information for an advanced TPP class.


    Hi Everyone! Thank You for the insight. I ended up coming up with a solution. I put a LBL within the IF statement regarding the DI 108 signal. So at the end of my cycle I check for the cycle end signal.

    If signal =ON,

    Then pulse the signal off for .5 sec.

    jump to LBL 7



    end if

    This seems to work fine. Tested in full auto and passed.

    Thanks Again!


    I have a question regarding Fanuc Programming Help.

    1) When the Robot receives the cycle end signal, I'd like the Robot to stop at the ready position. (not home) The Code I have now is written as:

    LBL [5]

    IF DI 108 (CYCLE END) = ON, THEN



    END IF

    I can see the robot going to this Label, but the robot will continue to execute the code. How can I get the Robot to Wait upon check of Cycle End signal without leaving the current sub routine?

    Thanks for your insights! I was finally able to connect with an OMRON robot specialist and we were able to get the program running.

    The "If..Then" statements in my main program needed some adjustment.

    Thank you for the insight!

    Do you know if there was a teach pendant and/or buttons on the robot control panel? I am running a 2 robot cell, and there is no teach pendant,nor any run mode or power switch.

    This particular set up I am working with has the Robot loading its program upon receiving power. Then the robot waits for a start bit to execute the program. This Start bit has been programmed into the ACE software and PLC Logic.

    I'd like the PLC to send the start bit to the robot and have the robot execute the program.

    This works fine when the Laptop is connected to ACE software and robot controller.

    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for some help programming some steps on Omron's ACE software version ( I am using a Cobra 650 Robot.

    I am having the following issues....

    1. It seems that I need to be connected to the ACE software in order for the robot to execute movements?

    PLC is sending start bit, but no movement from robot until we connect laptop to ACE software. Would like to be able to run Programs without PC connection.

    2. Still having issues getting the robot to wait when there is no part present. Even when simulating “No Signal” the robot will continue to execute the pick sub routine. Would like to the Robot to wait until the “conveyor ready” signal is on before picking parts.

    3. trying to figure out how to get the robot to “move to safe position” with an input signal command.

    If you would like to help out directly, please send me a message.

    Thank You!


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