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    It finally worked! My problem was that the trigger for the camera and robots was triggering at the same time and it took a significant 900ms for the camera to process the picture, so ended up creating an array buffer and effectively 'moving' or delaying the trigger to the next, and then editing robot calibration and tracking distances back one flight and it finally worked :D

    Thanks SkyeFire

    In EXT mode you can use IO signals to restore drives power, acknowledge messages and start program.

    I've been trying to do this also in EXT mode. According to the manual the signals and their order on going high and low is exactly the same at when switching to EXT from , for example, T1.

    But even after the signals had gone in, the STOPMESS is still active and the robot does not restart the program or anything at all.

    Is there anything extra I need adding to IR_STOPM or somewhere else to recover?

    To clarify, the robot gets the sync trigger every second, its the same trigger that triggers the camera to take a photo and send, if any, positional data. As every second one of many shoots on the conveyor goes by where the product should be present.

    If I understand the manual correctly, isn't the Conveyor.skip is the command that tell the robot to pick or skip? As in normal operation the pointer generally sits in that command until it sees a product and then does the movement and back to the skip command via the Pre position.

    The weird thing is that when I was simulating the 0 coordinate in plc, and at the same time rising the Input high, a couple of times it did in fact stop for a second and carried on 'picking'. But mostly it just sends the pointer jumping between Pre and Conv.skip uncontrollably with the message of max conveyor distance reached and the robot just stops. The program running, but the robot not moving

    Now I don't understand whether I am sending the 0 for too long and just got lucky with a couple of really quick position sends, or am I still doing something wrong?

    Also, I tried preventing the pointer to get to the Conv.skip by putting a Wait rCamera>0 statement but it doesn't even stop there, just goes into error straight away, in fact, anything I put there pretty much either ignored or just sends it into error

    I am still in the testing mode, slowly adding start and stop bits.

    The camera is sending data to PLC and then I send the split data to Robot. For clarity I named it rCameraY as it is converted to real in the config file.

    rCameraY is a single variable and for the time the only one I care about as the robot has to go to the Y position given by the camera and then make a small movement in the Y+ while tracking once the trigger has been triggered. This is the only time the robot re4cieves data. But when the trigger is triggered and there is no data all i am trying to do is make robot not to go to the zero coordinate on the belt.

    I've tried encasing the DLIN movement in an IF rCameraY>0 statement but as soon as it receives 0 the robot just goes in the skip conveyor mode and never recovers

    Hi, I have a KR10 R900 robot running KSS 8.6.6

    I've been trying to get Conveyor Tech to work and for most part it does. The system consists of a camera that sends the robot a coordinate to go to, while following the conveyor, and it does.

    But my problem is how can I make the robot do nothing when a zero coordinate is given, i.e. camera sees nothing, and then carry on with its following. Any suggestions??

    I've included the code below, up to the case statement where the movement is initiated.

    I did, not much had worked but after further investigation, it turned out to be that the plastic encoder plug had fallen inside the robot, when the cable was plugged back in. Not much was holding it in there :(

    Hi, I have this exact error on a KR10 R900, after unplugging and then plugging in an encoder cable. And I cannot find a way to reset the error, any suggestions?