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    Unfortunately we don't have the search input board, that would be perfect!

    From what I understand, the search function is used to search for a point with certain coordinates and the movement stops when the point is found or when a direct RIN input is on/off (based on how it has been set), correct?


    To be faster I think you can use the SEARCH function with DIRECT INPUT.

    You can find something in the forum, for example here

    I have never used it and I don't know if the search input board is standard with your robot

    Hello Eurus,

    Using the laser you know the distance between the fixed position and the object.

    This value is how much you should move to reach your object with the laser.

    In this way you don't use MOVL UNTIL..but only MOVL.

    Other way you can use a system job that reads the distance continuosly.

    You use a DO to know when the distance is 0, and in the LADDER you can map the output with the input.



    DOUT OT #(33) ON



    MOVL P000 UNTIL IN#(33) = ON


    STR# 30070

    OUT# 20070


    If you have defined your tool as the center of the spot of the laser, when the laser value is = 0 the laser (tool) is in contact with your object

    You might be able to adjust that parameter from the BG logic based on the IO you have configured in that reference position, then change it back as soon as the robot moves out of that position.

    Thanks! Which instruction should I use to adjust the parameter?

    It will automatically after 20 seconds.

    Robot Brakes

    $Param_Group.$SV_OFF_ALL If True, automatic servo on/off will be applied to all axis

    If False, automatic will be applied to individual axis in $sv_off_enb (set to false for bad motor brake)

    $SV_OFF_ENB Controls whether or not each servo uses a timed servo shutdown, used with $sv_off_timer to shutoff servos (set each axis to false for bad motor brake)

    $SV_OFF_TIME Defines the time interval, in milliseconds, after which the servo motors are shut down.

    Thanks! So if the robot has not moved for the time set in $SV_OFF_TIME, servo motors are shut down wherever is the robot?


    can I enable interrupt always when the robot robot is in run?

    I mean, I set EI at the top of master job, but if:

    - I move the key from remote to teach and then to remote again

    - select another job and start the robot, EI doesn't work.

    My aim is to have EI always enable.

    Can someone help me?

    Can you save your ladder out and post it as a text file. Without looking at the ladder or even knowing the application, it is impossible to troubleshoot.

    On applications where Yaskawa has the hold standard in the ladder, it is on the system side not editable by the end user. Yaskawa will have a 70000 series auxiliary relay on the user side that you could parallel around with your 20000 series external input.

    My guess would be that in the circuit you wrote the rung is being sealed up and not broken.


    That's my problem witn NX100.

    I want to hold the robot with PLC so I use the #40067 (EXT.HOLD) to do it in profibus.

    #40067 is mapped in the ladder and when the input is on the robot is in external holding.

    The problem is that when the input is off, external holding goes off, but #50071 (hold lamp) is still on. So robot can't go in running and the external start is prohibited.


    Hi guys!

    In my program i'm not using the input CALL MASTER JOB, so the operator has to select the MAIN. Can I link the switching of the key from TEACH or PLAY to REMOTE to the page of the MAIN program? In order to avoid that the operator select a wrong job.

    I'm working with NX100


    How can I enable PSTART instruction on NX100?

    In can't find it in control instruction.

    I set expanded language.


    Thanks for your reply ljuba!

    No, it didn't work because the gripper origin has been drawn not in the centre of the part of the gripper that attaches to the flange, but in a casual position.

    So when I SET ORIGIN POS in 0, 0, 0 the gripper origin moves in 0, 0, 0 but the gripper is however far away.

    I solved it by opening the igs or stp file and changing the origin.

    By my experience, I think that when we import stp or igs file, as the gripper in this case, in order to mate it with flange is important to have the right origin frame of the file.


    I loaded in Motosim a gripper.igs file in order to simulate some operations.

    The problem is that the frame (origin) of the gripper is in the centre of the robot flange, but the gripper is far away (see the picture).

    Maybe the best solution is modify the gripper.igs file with a CAD, but is possible do this in MOTOSIM?

    I would like to modify and move the frame in the centre of the gripper and then move the gripper in (0, 0, 0) to centre the robot flange.

    Or I would like to mate robot flange and gripper without modify the frame.

    Can someone help me? Thanks

    Hi everyone!

    I need some help to generate user alarm in nx100.

    I want to create my bit pattern in OG#030.

    Is it ok this mapping in the ladder?


    bit pattern:

    GSTR #10300

    GOUT #40140

    request bit:

    STR #40140

    OR #40141

    OR #40142

    OR #40143

    OR #40144

    OR #40145

    OUT# 40012


    In the job:

    PULSE OG#(30) 1 T=1.00

    Which message will appeare on PP?

    How can I use I/O ALARM (USER) 9064, 9065 and so on to describe my alarms?