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    Hi All,

    We recently had to change our pendant on our NX100/ UP20MN robot with a pendant from a spare robot we have.

    Now when we power up the robot we get the following Message:

    "Pendant software version is unmatched.

    Change the software version?


    For now we've been hitting "No" every time we power up the robot, and everything seems to be working fine.

    Does anyone know if there are an consequences to clicking yes and updating the software version on the pendant?

    Any help is appreciated.


    Hello All,

    Robot: KUKA KRC2

    Welder: Fronius TPS 5000

    We have been having an ongoing issue on a couple of our Kuka cells involving job calls.

    Our robot will go do a weld with, for example, job call 2. It will weld fine, then move onto a new weld, where the job call is now 3.

    As the robot approaches the weld it will change the job call from 2 to 3, like it is supposed to, but as soon as it strikes an arc it switches back to job call 2.

    I have monitored this through the PLC and I can confirm that the robot is what changes the weld job.

    We have gone through and made sure that the S, W, and E variables in the arc on/arc switch/arc end are all calling the proper jobs, but the robot still reverts back to the previous job call when starting a weld.

    Once the job is called again, whether it be at an arc switch or an arc end job, it begins to call the proper job again, but as soon as we call a different job call, the process starts all over again.

    We have been chasing our tails with this for a while and I don't know if this is clear enough as it was very difficult to try to put this issue into words, but any help/direction would be appreciated.

    Let me know if providing additional information will help solve this problem, and if I can provide it, I will do so.


    Okay, so here is where I am at.

    I created a conditional job, called COND_WATER that looks like this:


    Then, I created a macro called USER_ALM_WATER that looks like this:


    My Main Program for testing looks like this:


    The TEST_MOTION program is just a simple motion program I made for testing this.

    I ran the program, turned off the DI[9] and my robot stopped and display the warning, which was great, but then I was able to clear the fault, without turning the sensor back on, and the program continued. After this I tried turning the sensors back on and off multiple times again, but it no longer stops the motion or displays the warning.

    And ideas as to what I need to do to make sure that sensor is back on before restarting, and then also making sure it continues to monitor the input after a restart?

    Thanks again for everyone's assistance.

    Good Afternoon all,

    We have a 4 robot mig welding system, with 4 R-30IA Fanucs.

    We are adding water flow sensors to the cell, and We'd like to monitor them at all time so we dont accidentally weld without our coolers on.

    I'm having issues trying to get this done in BG logic.

    I figured I could run a simple program in the background that turned on a User Alarm when any of the four water flow sensors were not on, but I kept getting syntax errors.

    I've since read that I can't call a User Alarm in BG logic.

    With this being said, does anyone have any ideas of how I could constantly monitor this?

    Thank you in advance for any help on this.

    PS- We have no PLC on this cell

    Hello All,

    I'm attempting to send the Error code number from a KRC2 robot to a PLC to log alarms.

    I was assuming I could make the number that shows up next to the message on the teach pendant a variable, and then send that variable over profibus to my PLC to log this info, but I cant seem to be able to find info on where/how to access this.

    Can anyone help me with this?


    That's what I'm going to try first thing tomorrow. There are actually 6 different table position for me to do this with, do you know off hand if there is a limit to the number of reference positions I can assign?

    I dont think the reference position will work because the table isnt part of the group mask in the sub program. Because I run all four robots at once, I cant put the table movements in the subprograms or all 4 robots would be arguing over who is telling the table where to go.

    My Programs basically look like this;


    Call: Move Table to 90°(Group *,*,*,*,1)

    Run: R1 90° Program(Group 1,*,*,*,*)

    Run: R2 90° Program(Group *,1,*,*,*)

    Run: R3 90° Program(Group *,*,1,*,*)

    Run: R4 90° Program(Group *,*,*,1,*)

    Call: Move Table to 180°(Group *,*,*,*,1)

    Run: R1 180° Program(Group 1,*,*,*,*)

    Run: R2 180° Program(Group *,1,*,*,*)

    Run: R3 180° Program(Group *,*,1,*,*)

    Run: R4 180° Program(Group *,*,*,1,*)


    I dont know how I would use a reference position for this, but I'm borderline ignorant with Fanuc.

    Hello All,

    We have a multi robot System R-30iA , with 4 Arc mate 100iC and 1 rotating table (being run by the 4th robot controller).

    I'm looking for a way to monitor the rotating table's position when doing sub programs with the other individual robots. I'm not very familiar with BG logic, but would there be a way to monitor the axis' position and send it to Variable So I can write If logic at the beginning of my sub program to make sure my table is where its supposed to be before starting a job?


    You could open those limits up to +360/-360 but i'm not sure that would work for your situation. To continuously rotate I imagine you will need the option which will cost $$.

    Running into a similar issue, need to rotate to about -380 degrees to keep a welding whip out of the way, but hitting the axis limit at -360.

    Is there any harm in increasing the limits even farther? If continuous rotation is an option, shouldn't I be able to increase these limits to whatever I'd like without damaging any internal cables?

    Sorry for the late response to this, got pulled off onto a different project for a while.

    I went with the find and replace option to slow down all of my moves and it worked quite well.

    Thanks to everyone for their thoughts on this!

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone had used the XT1.1 terminals located at the bottom of the panel on KRC2s?

    I noticed there was 110V between U21 and V21 and was hoping to use this to power a 24VDC power supply so my PLC and safety circuit powers on/off when the robot does.

    Going through the prints I'm not seeing any info on how many Amps are available here or if its meant for a separate option?

    I've attached a photo of the terminals for reference.

    Let me know what you think!

    Hello All.

    We have a cell with 4 FANUC ArcMate 100ic Running with System R-30iA all working off of the same pendent. All Robots are used for Mig Welding.

    The issue We're running into has to do with limiting the Max Speed of the robots.

    We've spent most of our time up until now running everything in teach to learn how the machines work and to get parts off ASAP.

    We're now in a spot where we are ready to run in Auto, but the speeds we used in teach are WAY too fast when running in auto.

    This was a used cell and we'd like to relax the workload on the robots by reducing the max speed to the robots.

    Because this is a mig weld cell, we must run in 100% override to allow them to weld.

    The hope was that we'd be able to do this without going through every single point in every single program to reduce speed.

    We've attempted to change the $MCR_GRP[1].$PRGOVERRIDE variable, but when we ran the program, it reverted the variable back to 100%. I made sure i did this in a controlled start, changed the value to 50, and after the cold start I checked the variable and it still said 50. I ran a simple program, and checked the variable again and it was back to 100%.

    I'm not sure where to go from here, so any help would be appreciated

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