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    How is restoration going ?

    ...we had major issues with reflections on the parts, which corrupted the depth measurements...

    Well most of vision systems have problems like that. This is why very important part of it is a software that can filter out these problems, at least most of it.

    I think that Revopoint is least expensive 3d Cam for robots (out of a box solution) but its still waaay above your budget. And I would not be so sure about their product being great.

    Voestalpine did use MetaVision products on their equipment, they did calibrate and "refresh" for us older MT10 heads and I know they did install newer versions in other machines so you could contact them if they can help you. It will cost but its possible.

    You are right, I did check what is happening on signal 2 and 4 but...

    ...forgot to remove them to scale up other signals, (what is happening in POSCORR) 6/7 and just like you said, very small value.

    Thank You very much for help, I was a bit confused how to proceed further.


    I try to integrate Keyence LJ-V7001p with LJ-V7300 head on Kuka KR210 R3100 Ultra (KRC4 with KSS V8.3.37). I already configured RSI, I can move robot from Kuka Server on my laptop without any problem. I have two analog signals from LJ-V7001p on EL3102, tested in full range -10V/+10V, LJ-V controller ANOUT1 to Beckhoff ANIN1 etc.

    Options : RSI version is 3.3.5, EthernetKRL v2.2, SeamTech v2.2.12, ArcTechBasic v1.5.9

    E1 : F.EE 16m linear track.

    Welding Source : Fronius TPS4000 CMT with ProfiNET.

    Everything outside KRC4 connected through ethernet switch to KLI.

    Beckhoff coupler with 8 DI, 8DO, 2ANIN EL3102 -10/+10V 16bit (ver. 0000).

    What I try to do is to use Distance Correction for welding very large elements. I have configured RSI files (diagram in attachment) to make correction on X and Z axis as test file, placed two aluminium profiles slightly rised below laser, configured everything on LJ-V and voltage is rising exactly as it should both with height and side shift. RSI monitor is showing that voltage is rising on ANIN1 and ANIN2 but there is no action on the robot side... So only problem is that I made some error in krc file or in rsi files. I did a small test removing "P" and "SUM" to shake things up... and it did... Kuka did shake like a cat and RSI monitor went crazy. So voltage was translated to movement without any filtering if I understand it right.

    For movement I use LIN motion before ARC_ON/ARC_OFF so just like in SeamTech it already have proper direction before seam tracking begins, there is 4 sec delay in signal from analog inputs. I would like to see a proper code for more advanced use of RSI in welding but... I cannot find anything, so I have to figure out how to configure everything. Sad thing is that I have LJ-V only until tommorow, but I will test later just by applying voltage to analog input.

    I do not understand fully if all my problems are because of wrong values in "P" and "SUM" or I did forget about something in krc file ? Or maybe everything is wrong... :(

    PS: Im not interested in robot fully controlled from outside source, just distance correction in two axis at once. Also Im not interested in any hardware from manufacturers like MetaVision, ServoRobot or Scansonic as they have very limited capability to detect objects. I did choose Keyence because I want later on to use it with Matlab for scanning parts, to check proper geometry before welding, and with LJ-V7300 sensor I can scan a lot of surface in short time.

    I would like to join as person that also is trying to find manuals for Cloos robots, especially Romat 350. Both programming and electrical drawings if possible. I would like to ask few technical questions to person that did work with them, especially as integrators.