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    Welding cell with FANUC ARC Mate 120iC/10L with Lincoln Electric i400.

    In SETUP Weld Proc is defined several Weld Process and in upper right corner is #number


    Rapid Arc is # 87

    CV is # 81

    Pulse # 82

    but when welding start this number isn't same

    Rapid Arc # 0

    CV # 2

    Pulse #5

    Does someone meaning of this # Number in Setup and Weld running mode?


    Please could someone conclude this hidden programming technic!

    In robot cell is defined DO from 1 to 512, but in two program

    is checked value of non-existent DO[11002] and

    on the end of first program set ON DO[11012] and

    in second set ON DO[11014] both non-existent.

    Any idea?

    Should I expand DO to ???

    Start with

    Track TAST[1]

    end with

    Track End


    Q is, does somebody have full list of url parameters (part of STRING) for FORCE_LINK command?

    I provide this code from net and my small list, please find welcome to contribute to this list!

    My small list


    list parameters for url

    27,1 - UTILITIES Hints

    28,1 - DATA Weld Procedure 1

    29,1 - SYSTEM Clock

    30,1 - STATUS Weld

    33,1 - POSITION

    34,1 - SYSTEM Variables

    34,2 - DATA KAREL Vars

    34,3 - DATA KAREL Posns

    35,1 - SYSTEM Master/Cal

    36,1 - I/O Weld In

    37,1 - USER

    64,1 - Select ?

    66,1 - MANUAL OT Release

    68,1 - SETUP General

    69,1 - TEST CYCLE Setup

    70,1 - STATUS Version ID

    71,1 - Select

    73,1 - FILE

    95,1 I/O Weld In

    97,1 - I/O Analog Out

    98,1 - I/O Digital Out

    99,1 - I/O Group Out

    Hi MoEL,

    try to Mastering Part with Remarked line

    13:  !Unremark when mastering ;
    14:  //Search Start [4] PR[10] ;
    22:  !Unremark when mastering ;
    23:  //Search Start [4] PR[10] ;

    if You fail at that, then please follow this steps

    When You Mastering Part, remove Remark from line 14 and 23, when run program back Remark.

    At line 15 and 24 get Error THSR-025 Nested search start, step up for one line (to line 14 and 23)

    press RESET to remove error message, press SHIFT + FWD keep SHIFT pressed.

    Program will be executed search and retract.

    At line 29 Error THSR-013 Illegal number of search, Just ignore because You CAN, RES

    Why is it so, that is question for Fanuc. I try school examples from manual.... maybe is some problem in configuration of robot? I would like if You succeed with // Marked lines.


    in this moment I can't weld but I can activate Piece search and on wire I get voltage, this voltage is 49,1 VDC. DI from Ethernet/IP card are static no changes when turn off or turn on Piece search.

    By my humble opinion if AI/AO are defined any definition of DI/DO is excessive and useless.

    I await some answer from Abicor Binzel about this.

    So, I try some combination,

    Mapping 79.55 LSB, MSB

    0/1000, 0/100

    Piece search OFF / ON

    1.0 / 0.9

    0/50, 0/50

    Piece search OFF / ON

    10.0 / 9.4

    50/0, 0/50

    Piece search OFF / ON

    40.0 / 40.6

    500/0, 0/50

    Piece search OFF / ON

    49.0 / 49.1

    Mapping 79.52 MSB, LSB

    0/50, 0/50

    Piece search OFF / ON

    10.0 / 12.5

    50/0, 0/50

    Piece search OFF / ON

    40.0 / 37.5

    0/10, 0/50

    Piece search OFF / ON

    50.0 / 62.5

    I need to seat and find why I getting this values.

    When I read out 0.0 and 49.1 that will be OK.

    Don't know the setup for welding, but:

    on the diagramm the value of the analog input is given in Volt, think you won't get 65565 Volt from the welder. Either you have a digital interface to the welder or an analog, if you have an analog you probably will get 0-10Volt, or maybe 20mA. If you have a digital you will get the value of 65565.

    Signal from Welding Machine is over EthernetIP from Abicor Binzel Robot Interface iROB-RI3000 card.

    At Welding Machine 2 x AI - programmed 2 x AI not programmed and 10 x AO, 0 - 65535 (2 Byte).

    In this moment I have from DI169-DI184 (2 Byte), 00000000 10010010, DEC 18688,

    WMAO 2. Welding Voltage, in stand by here is ~ 14,26 V as feedback.


    When I try to change value for Analog signal range - Input Max value, I get Invalid real (0.000,9999.000)

    I try to define 65535 as Input Max value - It's maximum from analog input from welding machine, defined by 2 Byte, 0 - 65535.

    Similar robot cell, where Group signal is defined, there Input Max value is 32767, if I try to change this value to bigger or even same

    there is error occurred (like on pic 3.)

    So solution is config file for I/O, but does anybody receipt and order for steps how to apply settings?


    I am an intern and I'm just getting started with the welding robot. We have a Fanuc ARC Mate 0iB robot. I was able to figure out basic programming to weld parts. However, to weld similar parts we have to constantly reprogram it and do touch ups considering the tolerances. We are trying to weld a simple T joint. IT would be really helpful if anyone would be willing to tell how touch sensing and through arc seam tracking is to be programmed for a simple T joint (picture attached).

    Thank you very much in advance.


    Solved in Real number value *.0 can't be passed trought procedure CALL as real just as integer

    I add this VARiable

    VAR arg4_str, arg5_str, arg6_str, arg7_str, arg8_str, arg9_str, arg10_str, arg11_str, arg12_str, arg13_str, arg14_str, arg15_str, arg16_str, arg17_str : STRING[25]
    VAR arg4_int, arg5_int, arg6_int, arg7_int, arg8_int, arg9_int, arg10_int, arg11_int, arg12_int, arg13_int, arg14_int, arg15_int, arg16_int, arg17_int : INTEGER

    And in Code add few line

    converting to string, adding '.00' and final converting to real.

    Now input work with any real number (include *.0 which is on input converted by fanuc to INT value)

    You need to look at the data_type parameter in your TPE command, and make a decision based on what it gives you. It tells you what type of data (real or int) that is coming in.

    In TP I have CALL for KAREL program

    parameters from 4 to 17 are REAL input expected, and work with any real number

    except real number which end with .0 or .00 or .000 etc. this numbers will be

    suppressed to integer number without .0 or .00

    Is a bug?

    When trying to pass real number E.g 20.0 in procedure CALL that will be suppressed to 20,

    because in procedure is expected real value that VAR will be set to 0.00000E+00

    Any idea how to deal with real number *.0 / *.00 etc.?

    TPP program

    CALL SET_FA_WPP(6,1,1,22.5,181.1,100,20,23,181,101,31,24,182,102,32,2,50) ;
    CALL SET_FA_WPP(6,2,2,23,182,100,31,23,181,101,31,24,182,102,32,2,50) ;
    CALL SET_FA_WPP(6,3,4,24.3,184.6,100.9,32.3,23.1,181.7,101.3,31.5,24.8,182.8,102.7,32.8,2.9,50.5) ;

    KAREL program

    Here is some trouble with input for real values,

    almost every real number is passing ok to data file,

    value ****.0 is problem!

    If type 20.0 in TPP (parameter in procedure CALL) that value is suppressed to 20 and

    valued as Integer, as result in data file is passed 0.00000E+00!

    If type 20.01 in TPP that will be passed as 2.00100E+01 and in

    weld procedure window I get 20.0 (trimed from 20.01000.

    Any Idea? Converting to string or...?

    GET_TPE_PRM(7, data_type, arg_int, real_value, string_value, status)
    arg7 = real_value
    WRITE('arg 7', arg7, ' ')
    SET_VAR (entry, fname, sch_4, arg7, STATUS)

    New code

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