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    Apparently I have a DNC software on the robot, I have made some readings about the software but couldn't really understand the exact usage of it.

    So can I use that DNC software in order to run the modules that have been sent to robot after the reboot without a new reboot or manually compile them with the HMI.


    I am an intern in an industrial productivity and robotic company and I am given a project that aims sending .src and .dat files from a PC to a robot.

    We are using a KUKA Krc2 V5.2 robot and I have manage send those files through lan. But there is a problem because the robot executes the old files.

    Lets say I'm sending b.src and b.dat and running them and after that I am sending a new b.src and b.dat. At this point the robot doesn't compile my new files and runs the old ones even tho I can see my new files inside the directories of the robot.

    So what are your suggestions? What can I do to get rid of this problem.

    Have a nice day.

    Edit: I have forgot add some details.