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    I have a rather large programme that has been created on the teach pendant. I want to change the feed rate, can i do this by adapting the .src file by doing a 'find and replace'? The only other way i know if by adapting line by line (no thanks).....

    ;FOLD LIN P45 CONT Vel= 0.0035 m/s CPDAT42 Tool[2]:6mm-carbide Base[1]:Default_Base;%{PE}%R 5.4.35,%MKUKATPBASIS,%CMOVE,%VLIN,%P 1:LIN, 2:P45, 3:C_DIS, 5:0.0035, 7:CPDAT42

    For example above, the feed rate is 0.0035 m/s if I replace this value and then load back onto the controller will that increase the feed rate?