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    Thanks Panic Mode

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    Greetings dear moderators

    I have the same problem as Sar92.

    When the robot does a startup after being shutdown, Tool and Base stay on "?"

    When I check the system variable $ACT_TOOL_C it shows me that the Tool and Current Base are at -1.

    And it also shows me an error message.

    Is there a way that when the robot restarts it stays in Tool and Base 0?

    Hi colleagues

    I had a similar problem with the RPI.

    I solved it by physically disconnecting the SION-SIB-STD connector from the KRC cabinet and remove too from the project in WorkVisual.

    I hope this will help you to solve the problem.


    I am currently designing a fieldbus architecture and would like to know if I have no inconvenience in using two or more remote I/O modules under the EtherCAT bus using a small industrial switch for it. I have worked in the past with only one Weidmüeller module. Currently I have one Weidmüeller remote I/O module and another one from a welding system manufacturer that also has its configuration file. I intend to use the EtherCAT bus of the KRC4 and connect it to a switch where the two mentioned devices are located. Is there any restriction for this?

    Thanks in advance

    Use this example as reference:

    To use TIME BLOCK you need:

    TIME_BLOCK START: Execute time block

    TIME_BLOCK END the desired time for whatever occurs between the START and the END

    Between SPLINE and TIME_BLOCK START there is at least 1 Spline segment.

    Between TIME_BLOCK END and ENDSPLINE there is at least 1 Spline segment.