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    cross connections? trap? or immediate actions?

    hello team

    I was wondering if it is possible to do something similar to a trap routine, but that works in manual and automatic mode. :/

    I would like to put a dialog message on the robot screen when no tooling is connected, then it would be through an input digital which would trigger this message, if digital input 12 is at 0 send a popup message for the operator to confirm immediate actions. :/

    So far I know that I can do it by means of an interrupt and declare it in a routine that repeats until the desired condition or operator confirmation.t

    But is there a way to make it work or monitor this state at any time and mode of operation of the robot? manual or automatic

    Please help me ; ?(

    Regards ;)

    Hello team

    I have the kuka Officelite software,

    but I would like to know if it is possible to connect it to the robot and use it as a smartpad. :/

    I mean change the operation mode (t1, t2, automatic) as well as move the axis.

    Through the computer and the software If possible

    what is the procedure to connect them? :S

    I hope you can help me

    Thanks in advance

    Kuka Officelite kss 8.6 on virtual machine

    Physical robot kr30 kss 8.3

    Hello community :)

    i hope you are well

    i need support with this topic

    currently i hava a robot IRB 140 with RW 6.01

    the robot is only used for practice, but the system it currently has only has profibus communication.

    how can I add to the system options the Profinet communication interface?

    in the startup options of robotstudio , I start the RW system manager and then when I try to generate a new one

    I am always asked for the Profinet communication license.

    profinet controller device and profinet anybus

    any idea how to solve it


    Hello Forum

    im trying to do the Equal positions (x,y,z,rx,ry,rz) on ABB Robots


    in kuka , if you have a point (e6pos) Central position --- "XP4" ------

    ptp xp4

    if you declare another e6pos named like Centerpos1, centerpos2,centerpos3

    like this

    decl e6pos centerpos1

    decl e6pos centerpos2

    decl e6pos centerpos3

    you can get the positions (x,y,z,rx,ry,rz) and write them just withi this instruccion




    if you modify ( theaching pos ) the position XP4 (x,y,z,rx,ry,rz)

    all the other positions ( Centerpos1, centerpos2,centerpos3 ) with this will be the same data position .

    how can i get this values , orders with ABB on rapid ? :/

    i cant find the correct instruction ;(

    Panic ,skyefire , thanks for explain me ,🙏

    Decl e3pos pointer

    Pointer={x 200, y 400, z 600}





    Ptp_rel pointer

    now it is clear for me 😃,now I try on robot and understand how to work👨‍🔧

    But I have an other questions🤔

    How I can assign a value with a variable🤔

    Because I try putting something like this

    Decl real value1

    Decl real value 2

    Decl int value3

    Decl int value4

    Decl e3pos pointer

    Pointer={value1, value1,value1}📛

    Pointer={value3, value3, value3} 📛

    I try putting real, int variable :(

    What is the correct sintaxys

    For assign a value to the variable and

    For assign the variable to the p3pos

    Specifically this

    Pointer={variable, variable , variable}


    I try to use on different kind of kuka robots (60/30/90/250) and isnt working :( , have a lot of syntaxis problems , i'm trying to make a palletizing program, but I still have some questions with this part, could someone explain exactly what it does in this line?

    Abl_Position[Ebene,Reihe,Spalte]= xMasterPos1

    """"""Xmasterpos1 Is a global variable? ”"""""

    """"""" Why put Abl_Position[Ebene,Reihe,Spalte].x=Abl_Position[Ebene,Reihe,Spalte].x+(Spalte-1)*x_Abl

    Specifically ].x=


    someone has try to use this code??

    hello guys, someone has the installer of the additional software kukaflexpal, or if someone can share with me a program with palletizing ir this application:/