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    There is three of the main ones already posted. If E-Ops, As Language, and External IO don't cover it then you will need to be more specific.

    You are right. Actually I need documents about Kawasaki communication.

    Note: I already received AS language manuel.

    Hello I am Kasim,

    I need dll library of Nachi for get backup from Nachi robot. I am going to use on C#

    Note: I have krcc.dll for Kawasaki robot:

    KRCC dll library contains the correct commands to allow to build an application that runs on windows pc to communicate to Kawasaki using AS Commands.

    Does Anybody have this dll and Is there any last version?


    I also tried with "Hercules Setup Utility" program. I opened a server. I connected with my form app (visual studio). I sent test data from Hercules. After than it came to my form app. So it is working. Here screenshot:

    So when I put robot Ip address and port 23 or different port. It can connected. but there is no incoming data like file.

    Thank you for reply. I understood a little bit. But my question literally is not this.

    I mean I want to get back-up from kawasaki robot, or ".as" file of robot. or datasheet... whatever you say.

    Back-up from KCwinTCP like that Here screenshot:

    I have tried ip address and port 23. it is connected. but there is no incoming data.

    Hello Everyone,

    I am going to get data from Kawasaki robot with ethernet socket. I succesfully get data on KCwinTCP.

    on Microsoft visual studio windows form app. Here I can connect to robot. I don't know which port will I use? I have tried different port. but there is no data: (Just Connected)

    Actually I want to get data on C# like KCwinTCP

    Here Program code. Is there something wrong?:

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