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    All names are unfortunately in a foreign language, but I did what Motouser and Alexandru suggested and it seems like it is working.

    Any chance you can provide an example of what the guy currently installed (without compromising any company IP)?

    He installed a main function that's running as long as the robot is on, with several IF statements for each program. The problem for me was understanding how to create the signal that decides which program to run, luckily ericwiz7923 gave a helping hand and explained how to do it on the teach pendant. I was told to share as little as possible, but if you think it could help others I may be able to modify it a bit and then share some.


    I dont understand what you are trying to do, by selecting the program via interface panel... can you explain what you want to do?

    Yes, sorry, I was a bit unclear.

    Basically, we have as of now 3 "actions" (technically 3 programs) we want the robot to do. One where it picks up a stack of pallets and moves it to another location, one where it picks up crates and washes them, and one where it throws away garbage. Let's call them 1.PALLETS, 2.WASH and 3.GARBAGE. On the teach pendant these 3 "actions" are shown on a button called PROGRAMMES, so that you can choose which of the actions you want to run. Every friday we run 3.GARBAGE for example.

    So how would I add a fourth action, seeing as there is only space for 3 actions on each button? My idea would be to just make another button with more actions, but with my (limited) experience with the teach pendant I dont understand how to then select action 4, without also selecting one of the actions from the first button. In other words, is there any way to "de-select" the actions on the first button?

    Hope that makes it more clear. I'm sorry if its a stupid question, but I really appreciate the help:)

    2. You can assign a signal value when you create a interface panel icon. Menu->Aux Function->#5 Advanced Settings->#9 Interface Panel

    3. So I can assign any number I want between 2001 - [upper limit] as long as it's not taken by another signal then?

    4. Let's say I add another button on the interface panel for three new programs so that I now have: Button A with Program 1,2,3 and Button B with program 4,5,6. How can I then choose only one program to run (as there will be a selected program on both button A and button B)?

    Thank you very much for the reply



    I'm fairly new to robot programming, but have gained some knowledge in the AS language the last couple of weeks. I'm working for a company that installed a Kawasaki E-series robot before I started, and now want me to modify/create new programs for the robot. Unfortunately, the guy who installed the robot was not from my country, and made the entire code with all parameter names, comments etc. in a language I do not speak. Thus, it takes me a bit longer to properly understand the code than I would like.


    1. How exactly does the internal I/O signals work?

    For example, theres an IF sentence with "IF SIG(something) THEN...", and then somewhere the signal something is assigned a number (e.g something=2034). Is the number random? How does the program know if something is turned on or not when I start the robot?

    2. How are the buttons on the interface panel of the teach pendant connected to these signals?

    For example, if I have made a button on the pendant with three different programs (let's say: 1.MOVE PALLET, 2.MOVE BOX, 3.MOVE BAG) how does the program know which program I have selected?


    I apologize if the questions are poorly phrased or explained, please let me know and I will try to expand.

    Thank you.