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    8.2 FANUC sent me this..

    Description: Subject: Unit Load Layer Variable Body: I would like to extract the total number of layers(from a complete pallet) from the current running unit load and send this info to the PLC.
    Solution: Use CALL PTGETUL(1, ‘ul.num_ly_units’, 0, 1, ‘…’, 0, 199) PTGETUL definition: ------------------------------- PTGETUL(ul_num, ‘var1_name’, var1_index, var_type, var2_name, var2_idx, register_num)

    But I'm having some trouble inputing this on the teach pendant. I can get CALL PTGETUL (1,
    I'm not sure how to select 'ul.num_ly_units' or even what that is .....String?

    I would like to be able to pull the total number of layers from the current running Unit Load and send this information to a PLC.

    I know each UL has its own KAREL variables but is there a variable that defines the current running UL's total number of layers?

    Well the .PDF is fine but it's on the handling tool CD and I'd rather just have the error codes as a single word.doc I could email to our customers when they ask for help.

    At some point, somewhere, at some time in some place I acquired a word.doc that contained all the error codes. I have the handling CD that shows the same codes but the word.doc was nice, I could send it to anyone and anyone could open it, even on a phone if needed. FANUC says they have never generated such a thing. Did I get it from this forum? I suppose I could generate a .doc from the .pdf but that seems like a lot of work--> not like me. I tried searching to no avail.

    Thanks for any help.

    I have only done it through the FANUC PalletPro software. I've been told you can do it on the teach pendant but have never really tried it myself. I do know that copying a unitload and then trying to modify it probably wont work. Pallet Tool in the robot will only let you modify unit height for any given unit load. There is a 'create' choice when it comes to unit loads and that is where I would start. The tricky part is figuring out the 'pattern coordinates' to enter. You could use a drawing program to find the center of each case and then enter those coordinates. I would probably start with the unit load closest(if there is more than one) in size and use that as a guide.

    FYI..... per FANUC, " present the R-30iB does not offer a Local/Remote Servo Disconnect Option. If Servo Disconnect is required, we offer this option on the M-410iB/160 R-30iA unit. Therefore, if required, my solution today would be the Remote Servo Disconnect, P/N: R-30iA ME-R30iA-470. It comes with a 7, 14 or 21 meter cable selection allowing mounting of the Remote Disconnect at the edge of the cell. "