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    I have attached the material as a conversation.

    jt4 is zeroed at the gauge mark point. When I zeroed jt5 and jt6, I found that jt4 was rotated by -180 degrees.

    The rs20n robot was just ready, zeroed jt4 at the gauge mark point, rotated -180 degrees, and then reset and zeroed jt5 and jt6 encoder counts, but the current and set values match normally.

    I reproduced the same situation, but the results are different.

    Manufacturing date

    ZX165L : 2011

    RS20N : 2019

    ZX165LSetting valueCurrent value
    JT1268428701(zero mark)268428701(0˚)
    JT2268433948(zero mark)268433948(0˚)
    JT3268432487(zero mark)268432487(0˚)
    JT4268428520(zero mark)267872692(-180˚)
    JT5268427127(zero mark)268434274(0˚)
    JT6268425858(zero mark)268432546(0˚)

    Thank you for answer

    Zeroed after encoder count rotation reset.

    jt1 ~ jt4 also proceeded in the same way, but the problem occurred only in jt5 and jt6.

    Are there any problems other than zeroing after resetting?

    In the state that jt4 is rotated by -180 degrees, jt5,jt6 encoder count is reset and then zeroed.

    Could this part be the problem?


    I joined for the first time.

    I'd like to inquire about a phenomenon that I've never seen before.

    Model: ZX165L

    Manipulation Content
    1. Encoder Rotation Reset
    2. Zeroing

    Problem situation
    1. The encoder settings of JT5 and JT6 at zero point are different from the current values (JT1~JT4 are the same).
    2. e.g.) Large numbers other than 1-10 such as the set value of 268411111 -> the current value of 268433333 are different.

    If the encoder rotation was reset and zeroed, shouldn't the encoder's current value and set value be the same at zero point?

    It also matches zero position when operating in zero degree position.

    What is the cause?