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    Just rechecked all user rights then made a cold start. So now the EXT mode works. And in case of someone interested in signal emulation too: I tried to use Y200. Seems to be not bad,despite the fact that there is no opportunity to comment the signals.


    We have a case, where the robotic cell runs in ext automatic mode and it uses the KRC4 itself as the external PLC (some DO's connected to DI's to make it work) The logic is very simple and we need to run the cell with some external buttons without smartpad.

    Anyway, the real cell works pretty well, but I wonder if I can simulate the case like this in Office Lite? As I know, it is impossible to turn on the EXT mode in OL.

    Also, Is there a way to simulate input and output signals in OL in Auto mode?

    We are using the KRC4 with KSS 8.6.8 in this case.


    We purchased KR40 PA and it is on the way. So I don't have the real robot right now, but I want to make some offline programming with Office Lite.

    I made the new WoV project with the right controller,KSS version and robot. But when I deploy it on the OL, the virtual robot starts with the inadequate position as you can see on screenshot. The problem is I cant move it to the right position even with turned off software limits for all axis because of 5th, that seems to be flipped...

    What am I doing wrong? I don't believe, that OL don't have the feature to simulate the robot when you don't have the backup from real one...


    Tried to do this with your example, but it didn't work

    The notify message goes with ShowMyMessage text, Not with the contents of the created DUMMY.kxr file...

    My KSS version is 8.5.8, but I don't think the problem is the version

    OK, my bad. Do not forget to reboot the controller and reload files:hammer1:

    As I can see, it is not about win10 or win7 but the KUKA's software restriction on KSS 8.6 and above

    Hello, Fubini

    Thank you for answer.

    Well, I tried to compare the files. The 8.5 file is on the left and 8.6 on the right... As you can see, the port 3389 for RDP was allowed by default. The only difference is two ports, but I dont think they has any effect on RDP.


    Discussed the problem with KUKA. As they told, the RDP feature was removed from 8.6 version. So strange desision.


    Is there any differences between remote desktop connection procedure on KSS 8.6 and KSS 8.5?

    I'm trying to connect the PC via RDP to Kuka controller with KSS 8.6.7, wich has the default IP through the KLI interface.

    So I can access the shared folder on Kuka from my PC, I can ping it, I can connect it with WorkVisual, but the RDP is not working. Maybe there are some additional settings (except IP setting of course) on Kuka wich has been added in 8.6?

    I also have the robot with KSS 8.5 and it has no problems with RDP connection...

    Yep. My Bad. Software version is 8.5.8

    And also, the EKI_Lock didn't solved the problem as it causes EKI00015 (Access to empty element memory) error... So I added ClearBuffer instruction at the end of the cycle as I don't need buffer anyway. I don't know will it help or not as I still testing the program. But it seems OK right now.

    The code For program is

    And the Config file is


    We have a KRC4 controller with an EthernetKRL option.

    The main objective we want to achieve is constant real time monitoring of some variables, which will be send to the robot from server via EthernetKRL.

    I tried to make some simple progs, which have some kind of while loop inside. But I faced the problem: The program works only a limited time because of EKI01280 and EKI01792 (Limit of memory element reached) Errors. The problem with first error I solved with EKI_Lock command, but is there a way to solve a problem with a second error? The manual says to increase buffer size, but as I see, it will be a bad solution, as the program will work a little bit longer, but It will be stopped by an error anyway...

    Hello everybody

    Is there any way to autorun browser after startup?

    I think that it is possible with autoexec KAREL program with FORCE_SPMENU instruction, but I do not have spmenu_id for browser. Maybe someone knows?

    Well, I think that I solved the problem. All I had to do was renaming the files with adding 4 letters for specify dictionary. So the form with name FORMENGL.TX loaded correctly with basic teach pendant LOAD command without any .cf files.

    I had this problem several years ago. Here is a thread on where I go over how I solved it:

    Re: Loading Forms

    Well I saw this thread... But it didnt work for me. I made the .cf file, which should load FORM and renamed .tx and .vr files to form.tx and form.vr. After that I tried to run the .cf file and then I get an error "Duplicate creation TYPE mismatch"

    Then I tried to rename .tx and .vr to FORM1 and change the .cf file line to


    so I get an error "Undefined parse syntax error".

    I also tried to change the .cf file line to


    didn't work for me too. It causes an "Open Error On File"


    I'm new in FANUC programming.

    I'm trying to do the simple user form from FANUC KAREL manual. As it says, I maked the .FTX file and then converted it with kcdict utility, which was installed with roboguide. As a result, I got two files: .TX and .VR. After that I tried to load these files in robot. The .VR file loads normally, but I cant load .tx file. TP says that "File is not loadable". I tried to copy this file from UT1: to MD:, but it also does not work - i got an error "no dict found for language".

    There is no doubt, that I doing something wrong. Could you help me please with it?

    I attach the .TXT file of form to this message.

    I know, that I need the KAREL program to call this form. I made one, but it does not work with an error INTP-311 Uninitialized data