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    Thank you very much Retobor. I was able to enable seam tracking with weaving and it works well. I couldn't figure out touch sensing though. Do we use a simple search or a fillet/lap search?

    Thank you again for your help.

    For touch sensing, you will need two searches. 1 search X, Z direction for the start of the weld, and 1 search for X, Z at the end of the weld. You can only use seam tracking on a weave. These are both teach pendant instructions that you put into your program.


    I am an intern and I'm just getting started with the welding robot. We have a Fanuc ARC Mate 0iB robot. I was able to figure out basic programming to weld parts. However, to weld similar parts we have to constantly reprogram it and do touch ups considering the tolerances. We are trying to weld a simple T joint. IT would be really helpful if anyone would be willing to tell how touch sensing and through arc seam tracking is to be programmed for a simple T joint (picture attached).

    Thank you very much in advance.