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    Now this is a stupid question that has been plaguing me for some time.

    We have a new 120ic and everything was going great until the hose from the wire barrel to the wire feed got severed...

    For the life of me I can't find the right length or anything to get it to pull right.

    any suggestions would be amazing.

    As stated in the subject having a problem with my tbop 1 emgin 1 not producing 24volts on start up, so after some digging i found my CR2 was shorted closed and the little black (I wanna say capacitor (k220 41) wire broke) so I'm looking for a new one and can't find one for the life of me.

    Have the relay on its way but still having trouble figuring out the ratings for the capacitor.

    Picture is what I'm searching for. Any help is grateful.

    Figured out what was going on.. My EPMON has a older version then the current one that i had the updates for.. switched the MCB with a known good one with the updated EPMON Chip and am able to move forward..

    But now after i was able to get the restore option and everything.

    While recovering it wants to send over the -BCKEDT-.TP i get a message "This program is being edited" and has been like this for over 30 minutes now. Is this normal? going to wait for about an hour to see since sometimes it takes a while to do anything with kfloppy so shrug.. any thoughts?

    Well I had backed up already and was trying to restore it to a different ones software to see if it took out the bugs.

    And when trying to load the new software and look for the system1.ldc off the APP1 disk (have kfloppy running through r-233 cable/compatible computer) but I time out for a port error

    Ok so we received a used R-J2 100 arcmate. Went through and worked out all the errors. Went and backed up the controller.

    Still having some problems so was wanting to load our other 100 rj2 robots info quick to see if some sys variables were the cause.



    (Worked in the past, might not be the fastest but has worked for us since we have the original fanuc software)

    But after it cleared chip 2 and was wanting to read the system1.ldc file I get a port timeout press 1 or 0 ect.

    Also this controllers EPMON doesn't seem to have a restore button.

    Confused on what to do next.

    So we have an old Genesis Fanuc 120i Arcmate

    now here is where the fun begins.

    Purchased 7 years ago, old maintenance tech bought it and set it up for the company (never ran) and he retired.

    sits for 5 years

    New maintenance comes along and gets it to be able to run a 6in weld

    New maintenance decided to unhook all 3 legs of power coming into robot

    New maintenance quits

    No tech maintenance from the company in 2 years

    I get hired and am assigned the task

    (mind you zero experience on robots am employed as maintenance with the perks of doing all the tech stuff too i guess)

    sent to genesis for maintenance training

    2 years no power, 2 years no batteries.. you guessed it... no software.. also........ no backup

    Contact Fanuc and Genesis to find out our robot is to old and they dont have our F-# in their systems so we are not 100% on the options so we ordered the basics and went from there.

    Now i have the Robot up and will move side to side so that part is atleast alright..

    Now setting up positioners x2 and the rail

    Every time I change my I/O it reverts to 0-0-1 or 0-0-9

    Not having any luck, any thoughts as to why my robot wont save the I/O changes?

    Each copy is licensed to that user/customer with a specific set of options geared toward that robot. Contacting Fanuc for the software and your F-# they should get you back up and running.

    Curious on title,

    Robot was going on the program then blam, operator said happened a few times prior in past (he would just reset and problems would go away) but now it wont do it at all.

    I can manually move the robot around but once it starts the program it kills out.

    MB I have alarm 5 curious on if I should replace the servo card on my MB or the whole MB

    Received ECAA3875 as an error message, found on my main CPU circuit board I have 3 red led alarm lights indicating a parity alarm occurred in a RAM module on the main CPU board.

    Does that mean a RAM slot/stick could be bad or the board itself went out?

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