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    I am facing an issue using FTP with my IRC5 (robotware 5.15) system.

    I want to copy files from the robotcontroller to the external FTP site (PC:/). The FTP server is UP (event msg 10076).

    When using the flexpendant --> flexpendant explorer I am able to copy the file from the home directory and past it on the PC:/. Creating a backup from the flexpendant to PC:/ is also without a problem.

    The problem occurs when I am trying to copy the file to the PC:/ with a rapid command:


    VAR string filename_PC:="PC:/bar1.txt";

    VAR string filename_robot:="HOME:/PRODUCT1/bar100.txt";


    !copy file

    CopyFile filename_PC,filename_robot;



    The error generated is "File Access Error" 40548.

    In this case I tried to copy a file from PC: to HOME:. The other way around gives the same error.

    So: there are no problems with reading/writing the ftp site from the flexpendant explorer but when using RAPID code it will not work.

    Does anyone has a clue how to solve this??

    KR Ruud

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