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    We are students and we have a few tasks to do with the KRC4 R900 sixx robot. We looked through the forum in search of answers (most pages have expired or do not work) and we have some uncertainty and questions.

    KUKA KRC4 R900 sixx
    KRC4 compact (Agilus)
    WorkVisual 5.0


    I'm not sure of all connections, can you check the attached images or have we done it right (pictures in attachment)? The robot works only in the service mode, we dont have an PLC. We need to be able to drive after switching to KCP in T1 / T2 / AUT. We want robot to work in these modes T1/T2/EXT. We do not have any safety gates, safety buttoms etc. We really need to use this mode.

    2) X41 gripper control

    Can we use two unmapped outputs(11 and 12 not assigned pins) in output X41 on the fourth axis of the robot to control a Chinese gripper powered by an electric servo drive? We mean sending signals via the X41 connector (11 and 12 to the bistable relay module, then the motor controller) (…ES&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_ searchweb201602_0, searchweb201603_0, ppcSwitch_0 & algo_pvid 1424d706-1606-4eb0-9d01-8d7327d67d91 = & = algo_expid 1424d706-1606-4eb0-9d01-8d7327d67d91-3)

    In which cases should we use XPN1 and XPN41?

    3) If it would be possible to control the gripper using X41 with modules and controllers, do you know where to buy such an X41 connector with a cable in Europe (preferably Poland)? Maybe this:…1_0017_USen.htm?c=US&l=en
    and try to choose a cable for it, is it very difficult to finish it yourself?

    Thank you very much for the answers. We will answer as soon as possible to any question.