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    I've talked to others who have successfully configured and connected Roboguide as an EIP scanner.

    Are there any background programs running on your PC that might be preventing the connection from going ONLINE? (Per my post above).

    I couldn't get my Roboguide Adapter connection ONLINE until I started closing out background programs in task manager, and it finally took.

    Hello All,
    I used AnthonyR's guide, which was great, thank you AnthonyR!

    However, I still wasn't able to connect my Roboguide virtual robot to my Allen Bradley PLC. The ADP connection in the robot's Ethernet/IP Menu stayed at the "OFFLINE" status, and my Allen Bradley PLC ethernet module had an "Invalid Segment Type" fault. I took my physical PLC to our robot lab, connected it to a real robot (which has the same configuration as my virtual robot), and it connected without issues, which ruled out that something was incorrect with the robot or PLC configuration.

    HUGE THANKS to @kwakisaki, who helped me rule out many other possibilities that I thought might have been my problem. Turns out, for me, the issue was a background program running on my PC that was part of the Allen Bradley PLC software package, called FactoryTalk Linx OPC Runtime Service. As soon as I went into task manager, and hit End Task on it, the ADP connection on my virtual robot immediately went ONLINE. I know this is a brand-specific issue, but thought I'd share in case Siemens or other PLC manufacturers have some similar software that may be inhibiting connections from Roboguide.

    Also, I also tested a robot in Roboguide with the newest FANUC V9.40 software, and it connected without issues. I had read other threads with people having issues connecting to newer robots, but you can do it.