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    Do you have a robot at the university? Do you know how to move the robot in teach mode (JOINT, BASE, TOOL) ?

    Are you working on a welding robot?

    What do you want to learn first?

    I know Kuka robot programming. I know terms like joint, base, tool. The subject I want to learn is programming of kawasaki robots with teach pendant and programming editor. briefly syntax is a little different. I've always carried out handling practices before. I do not know how the welding robots are programmed and its principle.

    This is not our main subject. There are also cynical messages about people in other posts. The thing I want to emphasize is that people respect each other first maybe he can be much more knowledgeable and experienced than me. We are already here to benefit from the experiences of people like him. He does not know how eager I am, how much I researched and the videos I watched. He judges me without knowing them and comments on my personality.

    For example, the answer to the question I asked may be very simple for him but it can be very difficult for some people. After all, no one was born knowing how to program a Kawasaki robot. I watched all the videos on youtube and looked at all the topics in the forum. Despite that, I created this topic. This forum is meaningless if people are not going to help each other in difficult situations. We must be more tolerant to each other.

    I watched all these videos but still thank you very much for your support.

    I looked at all your posts in this forum. Why do you judge people and try to humiliate them? If you are not going to help people, what are you looking for in this forum? People are not here to satisfy your EGO.

    Kawasaki company provides a free license for university students for a certain period of time. This is not a luxury. It is an opportunity for students who want to learn. Find out first.

    999 of 1000 university students do not even know about such an opportunity and do not care about it. I try to learn something with effort and search for the most efficient way. You learn a job only by watching someone who practices it. By looking at the documents, you only know what is what and you cannot practice. There are many educational videos about Kuka, Yaskawa, ABB etc. on the internet. Only Kawasaki hides it and I think they don't want everyone to learn.

    You are not the person who has the right to assess what I can do on my own. This does not concern you and nobody asked you about it. Shame on you. First learn how to treat people. As long as people like you are in this forum, people won't spend their time in this forum for even 1 minute. This will be my first and last message.


    I am a university student. I know Kuka robot programming and I want to learn how to program Kawasaki robot (especially welding) , but I couldn't find any video tutorial on the internet. I watched some videos but they are not informative and professional. I have a k-roset program on my computer with licence and also i downloaded AS language reference manual but believe that Kawasaki robot programming is very different from others. The logic is very different. I want to use teach pendant and do programming with high level commands. I don't want to get lost among thousands of pages of documents. Learning something by watching videos is much more efficient. Could you please help me? What should i do to find out?

    Thanks In Advance.