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    hi again

    So, during last months, I've reduce velocity of the robot at the points were it gives error to solve the issue of high load.

    Last week an ABB tech comes to servicing Robots ( changing oil, smb batteries, ...), and he switched motor axis 1 with another robot.

    The cell doesn't have back to work yet, but I wanted to test it , so I ve tried to release the brake manually and push the robot but it's moving really really hard on both robots.

    How can I fix that?

    Hi everyone

    I have to load some changes from Robotstudio (2021.2) to Controller (IRC5).

    However it show me error that i can't understand.

    But when i restart Robotstudio i can successfully connect to controller and load the changes i made, and when i try to something else again, i have to restart RS again.

    However it works fine on another controller.

    i have attached the error below.

    How can i fix this ?


    Hi again

    So the robot only stops once in 3 days . And today I've released axis 1 brake and pushed the joint around. It was quite hard all around.

    So my question is how can I be sure the problem is a faulty brake and not the gearbox or something else?!

    No It doesn't happen every time,to be clear the robot works in a milling machine with two levels, one part on top the other one down.

    The robot only stops when working on the parts on top . Even when working with parts on top it doesn't happen every time.

    Tomorrow I will try to move the robot where the alarm occurred, I will also cheked for play in axis 1.

    Thnx for replying

    The problem is in axis 1.

    We have never changed tool, i've cheked older backup , velocity and speed are the same.

    I have cheked for external forces blocking the robot, there is nothing.

    Yes, reducing speed to 60%, solve the problem .

    We are using Abb Robot Model IRB 4400 IRC5 CONTROLLER.

    We are getting following error;

    50055 : Joint Load High , Actual Torque on joint arg is too high. Might be caused by incorrect load data, too high acceleration, high external process forces, low temperature or hardware error. CHECK load data, rudcuce acceleration or speed , check hardware.

    The error appears only in automatic mode in the same point of trajectory .

    After calling the ABB guy, he told me to change cable harness axes1-3,but nothing change ,it stops again in the same place.

    Request for solutions.


    Hi everyone

    I would like to know the difference between 3HAC044075-001/01 and 3HAC044075-001/04.

    Can i change a battery unit 3HAC044075-001/01 with 3HAC044075-001/04.


    we are back after the covid crisis 2 days ago and the robot works fine since that .So after replacing the smb card , should i update the SMB memory ? should i clear the memory of the old one ( to use it as a spare part) ? and how can i check the calibration offset ?

    Skooter thnx for reply, yesterday i have changed the SMB , since it's the easiest thing to do, i have checked the shields of cables, it was strapped . After this i found that the resolver cable insulation and shield near axis_3 motor is damaged. anyway to fix this without changing the whole cable (delivery time of cable 2-3 weeks)

    Hi everyone, I am new here, A 4400 robot at our plant alarm with "38209 resolver error fault"(rob1_1) , axis 1 lose the zero point(other axis are fine),then i re-calibrate axis zero position, it works fine and after this it stops again, alarm with "34316 Motor current fault"(rob1_1), i check the Axis 1 mechanical and motor cable ,encoder cable, connections are fine.

    Any leads on how to fix this