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    I have tested with ROS example and It worked well.

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    Supposedly you are using the newer KSS with the newer RSI version, which requires a different RSI diagram. So you might have to rewrite a new RSI diagram in Workvisual based on their RSI_Ethernet configuration file.



    just my thought!

    If you want to have a fast motion response, RSI would be a better option compared to EKI, especially you execute the motion first then get the coordinate from the external devices.

    Not so sure about your application but you can try to send the entire position set first(store them in an array) then execute the motion planning later in a FOR loop. It might help you in this situation.


    Normally with Smartpad Issue, I would check the firmware update of KUKA.Smartpad on their Xpert and also the current firmware. Your KSS is 8.6.6, therefore your Smartpad should be version 2. KUKA might have some software issues with this version and they provide the firmware update regularly, for which I recommend you to fix by software first before hardware troubleshooting.

    Hi Wong!

    I also did a similar project as you are doing but with C# language (So I can not consult you with PYTHON :D)

    I would recommend you first to use Hercules as an intermediate level to check for both connections from the robot and PC, not directly from the PC-python app to robot RSI because It would be difficult for debugging

    Next, just make sure the network transmission frames are in order of receiver and sender sockets (an example is in the picture)

    Hope it helps.


    Quang Huy

    KUKA Ethercat protocal doesnt support SOE(Servo over Ethercat), if you still want to control your own driver over Ethercat, you have to build your own library. About the mapping in workvisual, it wont allow you edit the PDO(position, speed, acceleration,...), you need to change the xml file of your driver then import to Wov. Furthermore, it might have problem with byte swapping when mapping over 2 bytes, just need to check value received from robot and value shown on the driver manufacturer software.