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    CP5614A2 has two version. One of them double PCB (for KRC1) slave section mounted on main PCB. Other one is single PCB and just compatible KSS 5.X.X. If you have single PCB version, the card is not compatible with KRC1

    Dear Ozkan

    My Cp5614 is single PCB

    • Dear Guys

      There are 3 of KRC1 in one of our customers with kuka cross 4.1.5

      I am going to connect controller as master of profibus to connect with 2 salve module as spot welding,

      I used CP5614A2 , but the green LED flashing fast and it means that it can not detect PCI card

      I checked the device manager of win95 and its cleared that Siemens Master/Slave card is detected by windows,

      I used CP5614 with KRC2 before more times in other projects without any problem,

      Could anybody help me?

    Dear massula

    I read on the robot forum that it’s possible to change vkrc to Kuka standard with some changes on kcp and installation of Kuka software standard.

    Haven’t you heard about it?

    Dear massula

    I hope you are doing well

    I can not change the user

    When I open user group there is no any option to select user as you see in attached file

    Another problem is that I can not do any modify in the folge

    For example when I want to insert a ptp line a message “error while reading VW NEXT FREE “ is appeared.

    Dear Massula

    There both of them

    3.3.4 and 5.4.10

    I want to connect with et200s via 5613

    To have a handshaking I/O on the sos

    Dear Leon

    thanks for your reply

    Do you know how can I download its software programming user manual?

    I made XS211 emergency jumpers and now I can run the robot in manual mode,

    there are interbus card with fiber optic , cp5613 and et200s for profibus connections,

    I am going to use laser welding application and now need to I/O mapping with application such as reasy, start, fault ,...

    Is there any PLC software on the VKRC to write in for example SPS to control application and system I/O send/receive without any external controller?